Micronutrients: More is Not Better


It might surprise you to learn that one of the secrets to good health lies in the tiny but mighty micronutrients—vitamins and minerals—that we often overlook or don’t take the time to think about when we are making everyday food choices. Join me as I unpack the essential roles of …

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The Crazy Fads of Fat

oils and fats

Just like carbs and protein, there have been plenty of crazy fads when it comes to fats. In this episode I talk I highlight the latest and greatest debate – seed oils. Are they harmful for you? Should we continue to use them, and has social media simply hijacked another …

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Why Fats Matter: Separating Fats from Fiction


What if everything you thought you knew about fats was wrong? Get ready to rethink your dietary habits as we unravel the myths surrounding dietary fats and reveal the truth behind the fat-free craze of the 1980s. Discover how the move to eliminate fats led to an unexpected rise in …

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Do Carbs Really Have a Dark Side?

bad carbs

Ever found yourself questioning the true impact of carbohydrates on your health, or weight gain? Do you blame carbs and feel that you are addicted to them? In this episode I help to debunk some of the biggest myths around carbs, the questions that I get asked the most from …

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Here’s What to Love About Carbs


Ever feel like carbohydrates are the dietary villain you just can’t escape? Let me shatter the myths and shine a light on the truth about these vital nutrients in our latest Real Food Stories podcast episode. As we dissect the world of carbs, you’ll come away understanding their crucial role …

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The Thing About Protein in Midlife


The thing about protein in midlife is that we are so confused about protein! How much, when, where, and the types of protein are questions that leave us confused. Today’s episode strips down the jargon of nutrition to its bare bones, offering a way out of diet myths. As we …

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Your Body is Meant to Move with DK Ciccone

DK Ciccione

Dana Karen Ciccone is the founder of Movement Remedies, a Boston-based pilates studio, and the author of the book You Were Meant to Move. In our interview, Dana Karen shares her beginnings of the intertwining of chronic pain with the complex world of dieting and body image, which is a …

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How, and Why, to Start a Garden Wherever You Live

greg Peterson

Greg Peterson, the owner of Urban Farm, talks to me about getting started in gardening, and the season is now! The simple act of growing your vegetables is not only a benefit to your nourishment, it’s a benefit to the environment and your health. This episode will transform your view …

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Fix Your Sleep with Dr. Bijoy John

bijoy John

Dr. Bijoy John, a sleep specialist, joins us for a thought-provoking session that might just be the key to unlocking the rest you’ve been yearning for. Through Dr. John’s expertise and personal narrative, we veer into the intricacies of sleep and its profound impact on our health, mood, and even …

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Five Reasons Why You Need a Reset

spring salad

Break free from the winter blues and find joy in a plate full of vibrant, seasonal goodness. That’s exactly what awaits you with my Spring Healthy Eating Reset, tailored for women in the prime of midlife. Starting April 5th, 2024, I invite you on this exciting journey, not through the …

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All About Magic Mushrooms with Bijou Finney


Are you mushroom-curious? “Magic mushrooms” are the new medical marijuana and there is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions surrounding them. Tune in to discover the transformative powers of mushroom therapy from Bijou Finney, a microdose coach, to the show. With Bijou’s guidance, we traverse the healing landscape of …

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Finding Your Joy and Purpose in Midlife


Rediscover the joy of life’s second act alongside executive coach Reina Bach, whose expertise in leadership development and coaching shines through our discussion about overcoming the stereotypes of midlife. As we peel back the layers of personal narratives that often lead to what some women might call a ‘midlife crisis’, …

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Come On, Get Happy! With Happiness Coach Tamara Zoner

Tamara Zoner

Embark on a journey to contentment with Tamara Zoner, the happiness expert, as she unpacks the habits of a joy-infused life. By the end of the episode, you’ll have a treasure chest of strategies to foster an enduring sense of peace and well-being. Tamara doesn’t just hand over the keys …

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Embracing Love Languages for Personal Transformation and Healing

Paul Zolman

From the ashes of a turbulent childhood, blossoms a story of redemption and self-discovery. Join us as Paul Zulman, the author of “The Role of Love,” opens up about his transformative journey and the role love languages have played in his life. In a heart-to-heart that promises both enlightenment and …

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Laura Broome Unveils The Keys to a Resilient Life

Laura Broome

Laura Broom, a resilience coach with a remarkable story of transformation, joins us to reveal her secrets to bouncing back stronger than ever. Having faced breast cancer, the death of a child, a heart transplant, and an unexpected divorce, Laura’s resilience isn’t just theoretical – it’s a lived reality. She’s …

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How To Anti-Diet with Joanne Edinberg

Joanne Edinburg

Imagine feeling at peace with every morsel you eat and loving your body just the way it is. In my heartfelt conversation with Joanne Edinburgh, a certified eating psychology coach, we unravel the intricate ties that bind us to our food and self-image. Joanne’s own story moves from battling food …

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Navigating the Hidden Struggles of Midlife Eating with Nicole Christina

Nicole Christina

When you think of eating disorders, do teenagers immediately come to mind? You might be surprised to learn that midlife women are equally, if not more, vulnerable to these struggles. Psychotherapist Nicole Cristina joins me to unravel the complexity of eating challenges in midlife, addressing the life transitions that often …

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It’s Going to Be the Year of Ozempic


Hello and welcome back to season 3 of the Real Food Stories Podcast! I am looking forward to a new year and 2o24. I always love the start of a new year because I love setting intentions and creating some vision for myself. It doesn’t always go as planned but …

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Embracing Weight Neutrality with Stephanie Lueras


Embark on a transformative journey with Stephanie Lueras, an inspiration in the ever-evolving world of the body positivity movement. Stephanie share her personal odyssey – a remarkable 200-pound weight loss that reshaped not just her body but her entire life. In our conversation, Stephanie and I navigate the waters of …

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Healthy Holiday Eating is Easy! with Shelley Loving

Shelley Loving

Join me as I chat with healthy cooking instructor Shelly Loving about eating well through the holidays! Following her husband’s almost fatal heart attack Shelley went from a kitchen novice to a health food maestro. Shelley decided to take charge of her kitchen to help her husband, which not only …

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How to Redefine Your Abundance with Rebecca Whitman

Rebecca Whitman

When we think of abundance, what comes to mind? Is it monetary wealth, a fulfilling career, or perhaps healthy relationships? Get ready to redefine abundance with our inspiring guest Rebecca Whitman, a magnetic abundance mentor. Rebecca graciously takes us on a journey from her Hollywood days, wrestling with body image …

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Emotional Resilience and Life Transformation with Andrea Johnston

Andrea Johnson

Transformational Leadership Coach Andrea Johnson shares her deeply personal story about a  life that begins with bulimia, struggles with obesity, complicated family dynamics, and pauses at a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Andrea and I dive deep into what it was like to make that decision and the emotional …

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Mindful Drinking Might Be the Answer with Maria Mayes

Maria mayes

Have you ever been curious about your own drinking habits, especially those times when you automatically reach for a glass of wine (hello Friday happy hour!), no thought required? Reaching for that glass of wine might be almost an unconscious routine and less of a mindful enjoyment. Today on the …

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The One Question to Ask Yourself This Holiday Season

holiday survival

What do the holidays mean for you? Everyone has their own experience with these coming months. For some, they are a happy time, for many a sad and nostalgic time. The bottom line is the holidays are typically loaded with emotion. And typically tangled up in food. The dishes we …

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Embracing Vulnerability with Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel

How often do we mask our struggles and fears behind a brave face, afraid to show vulnerability? Especially as a man? Meet Dai Manuel, lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach, who knows this all too well. His journey, fraught with battles against food and alcohol addiction, inspires us all to …

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How to Achieve Pain Free Movement with Cari Vann


Have you ever wondered how to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, especially as you navigate through midlife and menopause? This week, I sat down with Carrie Vann, an exercise physiologist and movement mentor, to share her wisdom. With over 26 years of experience and a personal journey filled with lessons …

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Yes, You Can Have Fun Without Alcohol

Ever felt like alcohol might have a hold on you but you can’t imagine living life without it? If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take a break from drinking, the answer is usually not as simple as “just stop drinking.  I  had the pleasure of …

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Unmasking Femtech: Revolutionizing Women’s Health with Bethany Corbin

Bethany Corbin

The realm of women’s health is being revolutionized by femtech! Join me in an eye-opening conversation with Bethany Corbin, a femtech attorney, as we uncover the digital health technology changing the landscape of women’s health. Bethany unravels the world of femtech, highlighting its evolution beyond just period tracking and reproductive …

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Navigating the Wild West of CBD


Is the world of CBD as confusing to you as it is to so many? Clearing Up CBD Confusion Imagine the power of an alternative health treatment that can help with everything from epilepsy to inflammation. I sat down with Inesa Ponomariovaite, the woman behind the CBD company Nessa’s Hemp, …

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Discovering the Power of Collagen

Have you ever felt lost and overwhelmed in the supplement aisle? We’ve all been there. Today I bring you some much-needed clarity as we converse with Sheri Geoffreys and Gina Gallagher, the dynamic duo behind Yonder, a grass-fed collagen and organic mushroom coffee company. Their entrepreneurial journey was born out …

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Trauma Triggers and Eating Disorders

Nicole Kerr

It can be argued that eating disorders, while complex, are a product of childhood trauma and other by-products of growing up. This was certainly the case for former Dietitian Nicole Kerr. What about a near-death experience? In her late teens, Nicole had a near-fatal car accident that scarred her physically …

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The Hidden Gift of Menopause

Jeanne Andrus

I’m going to be fully honest. Before I spoke to today’s guest, Jeanne Andrus, I had a pretty skeptical view of menopause. If you are a woman going through menopause/perimenopause or even in midlife, you know how confusing, aggravating, and soul-killing this time of your life can be. Changing bodies, …

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Mindfulness is the Answer to Everything

Mindful is defined as “a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.” Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, we are complicated people having to contend with quick fixes and instant gratifications. If we …

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Changing Your Habits to Help Your Kids

Sheila Carroll

You, of course, only want the best for your kids, especially regarding their health. But what about their weight, how thin they are, or how shape they are in? As parents, we all come with our own deep-seated beliefs around weight, fears of weight stigma, and then, how to go …

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Childhood Trauma and Body Image with Susan Gold

susan gold

TRIGGER WARNING: this episode contains conversations about eating disorders and sexual abuse. If these topics trigger you, you may want to skip this episode. How we were raised and by who can directly impact our body image. When our parents bring their own eating issues (as well as substance abuse) …

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Master Your Mindset with Cristina Ramirez

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cristina Ramirez and hearing her very personal and vulnerable story of the intense grief over suddenly losing her husband to cancer and how that has unfolded into a mindset coaching practice. Cristina’s life’s work is to help you redefine what’s possible, gain …

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Four Secrets to Make Healthy Food Taste Delicious

healthy garden

There is a stigma around “healthy food” that is boring, bland, and blah. No longer! On today’s podcast, Heather is sharing her best-kept secrets for making your simple healthy food taste delicious. This is food that you actually look forward to, not something that you need to eat simply because …

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Making Awareness Your Superpower with Rachel Bohem

In today’s episode, I talk with life coach Rachel Boehm about the impact of growing up in the world of diets and disordered eating, and how these experiences influenced her to work with (mostly) single women. In Todays Episode Rachel and I Talk About: How women need to stop “shoulding” …

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Feeling the (Body) Love with Rachel Lavin

body love

In 2018 Fitness and Health Coach Rachel Lavin said enough to the diets and self-sabotage she had been creating for herself for almost all her life. Rachel had been every body size you could count and had a closet full of clothes to prove it. Listen to Rachel’s Food Story …

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How To Love The Skin You’re In

beautiful skin

Your skin is one of our most precious organs and we need to take good care of it, just like any other part of our body. As Master Aesthetician Natalie Bevans says, “Your skin is a reflection of what’s happening on the inside and we want to pay attention to …

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How To Slow Down Aging


Is it possible to “age in reverse” or anti-age, as many on the internet claim? Today on the podcast, I speak with Christing Boev. Christing Boev is a professor and ICU nurse who has a long history of antiaging and longevity research.  She and I take a DEEP dive into …

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Add In and Crowd Out These Foods During Menopause

weight loss tools

When women enter perimenopause and menopause, do they need to upend the way they eat? The internet would have you believe this. You are not broken, you may just need to shift your focus now on taking the best care of yourself. In Todays Episode, Heather Talks About: Menopause and …

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The Three Reasons Why You Gain Weight in Menopause

menopause 3

Last week on The Real Food Stories Podcast I talked about taking the mystery out of menopause so we can get a grasp on how to deal with the many changes we women go through in midlife. Take a listen to that episode if you haven’t already done so (HERE). …

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Midlife, Menopause and Weight Gain


There is one thing that every woman on this planet has in common: menopause. Yet, menopause is wrapped up with so much fear, confusion, and mystique that it is time to get clear on what it means for you in midlife. This is part 1 of my menopause series: How …

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Yoga and the Power of Healing

yoga practice

If you have beliefs about yoga that it is just not for you because you are either not flexible enough or fit enough, think again. The practice of yoga has taken on a mystical allure that can turn some people off from taking up this practice in the first place …

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The Relationship Between Sleep and Health

You cannot argue with solid research. The relationship between our sleep and weight, heart disease, diabetes, our general well-being, and stress cannot be disputed. Sleep in itself is fascinating. When we get enough good, quality sleep our bodies jump into action. Hormones go to work, our brains get repaired, and …

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Mastering Emotional Eating with Errin Smith

food confusion

Eating with our emotions is a tricky business and can be a challenge to untangle when food becomes the fallback to make us feel better. In this episode, I interview Errin Smith, founder of What We Crave, an emotional eating summit. In this episode Errin and I talk about: Rock …

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How to Free Yourself In Midlife

journaling journey

In this episode, I sit down to talk with Lucie Quigley. Lucie podcast host of The Roller Coaster of Midlife, and women in midlife herself. Lucie is also the author of Your Journaling Journey, an action-packed guided journal meant to spark creativity, help cultivate a morning routine, and practice self-care …

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The Journey of Being Happy

There is a lot of pressure to be happy, despite how we feel about our bodies and weight, not to mention all that is ever-changing in the world. I had a deep conversation with Karyn Seitz, Happiness Expert and founder of Awakened Grace, a 10-week course for women that empowers …

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Why I Quit Drinking For Good

quitting drinking

Welcome to the latest episode of the Real Food Stories Podcast! In this episode, I will be exploring my personal journey that many of you have contemplated or even gone through yourselves – the decision to quit drinking. I made the choice to stop drinking and share the deeply personal …

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Healing From Trauma with Shannon Swanson


Last week I created a podcast about grieving the loss of my beloved dog Buck and how I am processing and working through those feelings in a very different way than I had done in the past. I was conditioned and trained to not show too many feelings and through …

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Grief, Loss and Eating Your Feelings

I experienced a tragedy this past week. I had to very unexpectedly and quickly put down my Golden Retriever, Buck, who was a very important member of my family. The grief compelled me to create a podcast about loss, trauma, how we were wired to process these emotions (me through …

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Redo Your Resolutions


Happy 2023! I always like the idea of a new year and all the possibilities. Typically, many of us go into January with an agenda to get things done and to make big changes. This usually centers around our physical – weight, detoxing, quitting alcohol, etc. It also means taking …

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When It’s Time To Quit (the Diet)


What does quitting feel like to you? Quitting, for me, shouts freedom. Quitting gives us a choice. As we near the end of 2022 what would it feel like to you to say “I Quit!” to the world of diets and deprivation and how do you shift your mind so …

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Holiday Party Pep Talk

holiday survival guide

You know what’s coming up, right? At least five holidays (more or less, depending on which ones you celebrate) and a boatload of parties and gatherings. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this month. But, which one of these people are you? The one that believes that gaining …

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Become a Healthy Cooking Rockstar

We’re coming to the end of the year and if you feel like your Thanksgiving didn’t go as planned (as in too much pie or too many champagne cocktails) then you might be setting your sights on losing weight after the new year. Weight loss as a goal is fine, …

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Tips and Tricks to Survive The Holidays

The holiday season is officially here! How do we get through the next month of holidays, gatherings, parties, and family without losing sight of our goals for health and weight? It all starts with some small tips and tricks. In This Episode Heather Talks About: her story of the holiday …

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Diet Books Gone Bad

bad diet books

The holiday season is on the horizon and with that means an influx of new diet books. In this episode, I talk about the warning signs of a diet book and the key words and phrases they use to lure you in. In This Episode Heather Talks About: being particularly …

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Workplace Stress and Your Health

workplace stress

The Surgeon General recently released an extensive report on the state of workplace health and well-being that was not very favorable to employers. The report emphasized the chronic stress that is prevalent in workplace culture, and employees are paying the price. Chronic stress from the work environment can have a …

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The Good Food Bad Food Controversy

good food bad food

Perfectly good foods, that we are used to eating every single day, have suddenly gone bad. Thanks to the food gurus and social media health coaches, food is confusing, intimidating, and full of fear. On today’s podcast, I am calling out the foods, the ones the food gurus love to …

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Calling Out The (Non)Medical Quacks

medical quacks

Just like the last podcast, when it comes to nutrition and food, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and I’m putting this mildly. Scary diets and frightening social media gurus rule the internet. But, after the medical doctors who pose as nutrition experts, the worst offenders are the …

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I’m Calling Out the Quacks


When it comes to nutrition and food, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and I’m putting this mildly. Scary diets and frightening social media gurus rule the internet. But, the worst offender of them all is the doctors that promote diets, supplements, and books for their own capital …

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The Importance of Being Your Own Inner Cheerleader


I am so passionate about self-compassion as a success tool that I am talking about it again on this podcast! In This Episode Heather Talks About: Why self-compassion, and being your own cheerleader, is vital to healthy success; Why it is so difficult, yet so important, to go against the …

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Joyful Eating is Our Birthright

joyful eating

You may have heard the phrase “joy is our birthright” before. How does that make you feel? When I first heard that I thought to myself that joy as default might be for other people, but not for me. When you grow up with a diet mindset you also lose …

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Reset and Get Back on Track This Fall

fall eating

How do we get back on track after a fast-paced season of vacations and gatherings? Listen up while I propose four important questions to consider when you ease into the Fall season. In This Episode Heather Talks About: What big events got in her way this Summer; The four important …

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Meal Planning When You Are Insanely Busy

meal planning

As long as you have health goals and want to eat your best, meal planning should never be negotiable. No matter how busy you get. But what if you just can’t escape being busy? Or, more importantly, what if you’re so busy and don’t love cooking In this episode Heather …

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Meal Plan Like a Pro!

meal planning

When it comes to healthy eating and losing weight, there are a few essential skills that, honestly, I don’t think we can live without. Meal planning is one of them. There are all different types of meal planning but my focus is always on healthy meal planning. Once you master …

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Episode 8: Are There Any Good Diets?

fad diets

There are hundreds of diets out there to try. If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know how I feel about diets. I haven’t met a single one that I can say I like. Nonetheless, the allure of going on a diet to lose a quick 15 pounds …

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Episode 7: The Tools I Used to Lose Weight

weight loss tools

Years ago, when I made the decision to lose weight, I utilized a couple of tools that became lifelong habits for me. Tune in to see what I used and how it worked for me. Weight loss is a personal journey; what works for one person may not be a …

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Episode 6: Ditch the Diet Mentality


Are you stuck in the diet mindset, the way of thinking that tells you that diets are the only way to eat? Join me to debunk the myth of this fixed mindset. In this episode Heather talks about: How Heather learned to use all her senses when cooking and eating …

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Living in the Land of Food Confusion

food confusion

The battle cry for so many midlife women? “What am I supposed to even eat anymore?!?” Why are we all so confused about what to eat for our health and weight? In this episode Heather talks about: Where the confusion around food originated from; The story of the two pioneering …

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Bathing Suits and Body Image

racks of bathing suits

Does the phrase “happy summer” fill you with anxiety? For so many women, the dread of getting into a bathing suit, or wondering if last season’s shorts still fit is real. In my latest podcast, I share some strategies that you can use today to help with feeling your best …

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What Does it Mean to Eat Seasonally?


When food feels mindless and the detriments of quick gratification run deep, leaning into a habit of eating seasonally can help us get more mindful and teach us to appreciate real food. In this episode Heather talks about: Why seasonal eating is so important, in particular for women; The benefits …

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The Power of Your Food Story

Real Food Stories

Hi there and welcome to episode 2 of the Real Food Stories Podcast! In today’s episode, Heather shares: the “middle” of her food story and her struggle with years of diets and emotional eating the real reasons to let go of shame around our weight and body image the power …

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Searching For Food Happiness

Welcome to the first episode and introduction of Real Food Stories! I am your host, storyteller, chef, and nutritionist Heather Carey. In this debut episode you will: find out why the importance of owning your food stories matters; get to know Heather and realize why she is qualified to talk …

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