An Act of Self-Love: Losing Weight and Reclaiming Health with Ginny Trierweiler

Ginny Treweiler
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Psychologist and health coach Ginny Treiweiler was in her 50s and  60 pounds overweight, riddled with health issues, and haunted by the terrifying prospect of spending the rest of her days unhealthy and managing a host of avoidable health issues.

Ginny’s Journey with Weight and Health

In today’s podcast, Ginny unveils her inspiring journey towards the cultivation of self-love and redefining the meaning of indulgence, which allowed her to generously shed excess weight and reclaim her health.

Ginny candidly shares how she disentangled self-care from indulgence and the strategies she employed to break the shackles of unhealthy habits. We also dig deep into how she employs her unique approach to assist her clients in re-establishing their relationship with food and alcohol, transforming them into tools of kindness and compassion towards their bodies.

Weight Loss and Midlife

This episode also throws light on the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet in midlife and how hormonal changes and stress influence our eating habits. We discuss Ginny’s 12-month program, Slender for Good, which has been designed to help women over 40 lose weight without succumbing to the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting.

Ginny emphasizes the critical role of a positive mindset in weight loss and how understanding our individual needs, coupled with the right nutrition, can pave the path toward long-term success. Tune in to soak in the wisdom from Ginny’s personal journey to health and healing.

Where to Find Ginny

Find Ginny HERE on her website and learn more
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