Online Nutrition Coaching

Online Nutrition Coaching

One on One Nutrition Coaching | Heather Carey MS

Women’s Nutrition Coach

Being the caretakers, mothers and overseers of everyone else first can make it very difficult to prioritize healthy eating and regular exercise. The confusion on the internet and your stories around food can make getting healthy even more overwhelming.

Nutrition coaching can help address your specific health challenges and goals and set you on the track to success. I use food and healing as the guidepost, and then individualize the process from there.

I work with with women in midlife – that time in between motherhood and empty nesting (and beyond). Women who are handling the transition of hormones, health issues and the mysterious “menopot” weight gain. Women who are ready to turn their full attention and kindness onto themselves and finally make peace with dieting and food.


Non-Diet Nutrition Coaching

Women tell me every day, “I know what to eat, I’m just not doing it”.

You’re smart. The internet makes getting healthy confusing, and your busy life tries to sabotage you every chance it can.

Making yourself a priority is the first essential step if you are going to lose weight, gain energy and overcome illness. I help women located in Fairfield County, Connecticut or virtually, sort through the maze of food confusion and other physical and emotional contributors that stand in the way of feeling and being healthy. My clients gain clarity around food and how to succeed at health.

I am not only a culinary nutritionist but a wife, mother of three busy teenagers and someone who lives every day with a chronic illness. I have struggled with weight issues and felt the exhaustion from stress. I have made it my mission to help others manage their own health challenges and to appreciate the power of using food to heal in a nutritious, delicious way. Read more of my story on my About page.


Schedule a Discovery call

**please note: setting up a Nutrition Discovery Session include a fee of $150. In our action packed session I will hear about your health goals and I will give you actionable steps that you can integrate into your life right now. If you choose to sign up for a coaching package you will be credited back the fee of our session. 


Coaching programs are completely personalized, but typically begin with the following process:


We will talk to make sure that coaching with me is a good fit for you. You then provide me with background information via a confidential questionnaire, so I am well informed about you before we meet.


During our first coaching session (which is an in-depth 90-minute deep dive) you and I will collaborate to identify your weight, health and food goals, and I will develop your personal Nutrition Prescription for achieving them.


In subsequent 45-minute follow-up coaching sessions, we will review your goals, explore and resolve your challenges, create new opportunities to grow and build on your strengths. You might be guided with recipes, meal plans and/or other key strategies to keep going.


Empowerment Package

1 90-minute initial consultation with 1 follow up session




Need a quick fix for a health challenge? In depth guidance on a short term health goal or as an intro into the ever changing world of healthy eating. This package also includes:


  • Nutrition Prescription (your personalized action plan)
  • Food journal review
  • My 1 week Healthy Reset meal plan with recipes and shopping list


3-Month Fresh Start

1 90-minute consultation with 8 45-minute follow-up sessions.


$1997 (payment plan available)


You’re ready to make a deeper commitment on your health journey and shift your relationship with food. Lose weight, without dieting. This package also includes:


  • Nutrition Prescription (your personalized action plan)
  • Food journal review
  • My Fresh Start Recipe Book with 25 filling, delicious, healthy recipes complete with nutrition breakdowns, suggested meals plans, guides and shopping list (breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks)

3-Month Fresh Start VIP

1- 90 minute consultation with 8 45-minute follow-up sessions.


$2497 (payment plan available)


Go even more in-depth with Heather in this VIP package. The VIP package includes everything in the Fresh Start package (Nutrition Prescription, Food Journal Review and Recipe Book) plus: 


  • Unlimited email and text support in between sessions
  • A personalized private online cooking lesson based on your tastes and preferences to show you how to make healthy taste delicious
  • A follow-up session one month after our time together to check in on your progress

Hire Heather Hourly

You may have a specific goal in mind that falls outside the realm of my nutrition packages. I can work with you, by the hour or project, to:

  • create weekly meal plans based specifically on your needs, complete with the plan, the recipes, shopping guides and a game plan to successfully execute it all
  • create a specific hybrid program that involves kitchen coaching and nutrition coaching
  • work with groups, such as family members of different ages
  • weekly food journal and mindful eating consultation
  • monthly check-in’s to measure progress

Hours are sold in quantities of 1, 5 or 10 hour increments.

  • $200/hour for 10 hours
  • $225/hour for 5 hours
  • $250/hour for 1 hour

You buy the quantity up front and use the hours however you wish, good for up to 1 year. Set up a time to talk and see if hourly pricing is best for you.


Let’s Talk

"Weight gain and the resulting Type II diabetes prompted my search for a nutritionist at the encouragement of my GP. I’ve been working with Heather for six months, have lost 20 lbs. and have my glucose back in the normal range. Hooray! I started with her program to just get going on the right track…to not only get myself eating the right foods at the right time but understanding why I don’t do that all the time.”

- Jacque N.
I could not have been happier with my sessions with Heather. She was so professional and really took into account my entire health history and background. I loved that she approached everything with a wholistic mindset. Every session with her I learned something new on how to approach difficult food situations such as weddings, the holidays, etc. My relationship with food has changed in a positive way and I’m excited to continue my journey of health with all the tools Heather has given me.

- Christan N.
“I want to thank you for your program, I really appreciate the time you spent guiding me through it. The fact that it has structure and yet is flexible was exactly what I needed to start, and you made it super easy to follow! I’ve learned a lot not just about food and meal prep, but I feel like some of the tools can be carried into almost every facet of my hectic life. Life is so much easier with a little planning. Of course, that seems like common sense, but sometimes work, home, and a lack of taking the time for me get in the way. More importantly than the food I was eating, is the realization that I’m a pretty good talker, and that just because I know something doesn’t mean I’m actually doing the right thing. Thank you for providing all the necessary info to succeed with and for making me more aware of my actions and their consequences."

- Debbie C.
“I recently had my yearly physical and all my numbers came back lower, my pre-diabetes is now nonexistent and I take no medications. Switching to a plant-based diet was the way to go – thanks for your help! I walk every day and I am cooking for the first time in my life. (I’m almost 70.) I love cooking now, my motivation is that I feel so much better without preservatives and I plan ahead—eating only whole foods and a plant-based diet. You got me off to the right start – thank you!"

- Joyce M.
“Most of us know what we should be eating and what we shouldn’t. But how to make that happen on a regular basis when up against the time pressures of modern life? It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel. My last ditch effort was to consult with Heather Carey. Boy was I glad I took that chance. Pleasant surprises are rare, but Heather is one of them. The first surprise came when she patiently allowed me to talk until I finally came to a clear articulation of the food/meal challenges that my family and I face. We deal with food allergies (deadly ones), food preferences, food battles, and time constraints. Like everyone else, we are complicated. It was the best investment in myself and my family that I could have made. From me (and the gang) - thank you Heather. And here’s to many healthy and tasty meals around the family table!”

- Susan P.
“Since starting the program I feel great! Lighter, better complexion, less joint pain - definitely feel better. I ate foods I previously thought I didn't like (such as beets) and found them to be delicious. I also had used ingredients I had not used before, it definitely expanded my food horizons. I’ve had very little food cravings and felt very satisfied throughout. I would definitely recommend this program to a friend. Overall, it was excellent, so happy that I decided to sign up!”

- Sally O.
Heather has been my nutritionist for about a year and have learned so much from her. She is full of ideas and recipes for healthy whole food cooking. I would highly recommend Heather for cooking classes and/or nutritional counseling.

- Christal K.
I've lost twenty pounds without hunger and feel soooo much better. Interested in getting on the right track with food and eating? Heather Carey can help you like she did me.

-Jacque P.
Heather's nutritional coaching has been life-changing for me. Her knowledge, kindness, compassion, and encouragement are invaluable. She brings so much expertise and care to the table and can really relate to many of the struggles others have been through, including myself. Emotional eating challenges, nutritional confusion, cooking overwhelm, and more...she really helps you learn, grow, and treat yourself as kindly as you would a friend along the way. She celebrates your "small wins" and enables you to do the same. Heather also tailors your program to what works best in your life. It's not a one-size-fits-all resource but is instead holistic and flexible. Heather's newsletters and podcasts provide lovely, supportive, and informative content as well. So grateful for making a choice towards the kinder treatment of myself and my body through nutritional coaching with Heather!

-Trina C.
Heather has turned my nutrition around. I had no idea how to get back on the path to better health. Heather was patient, thorough and caring. I have truly enjoyed working with her. I now feel I am pointed in the right direction!

-Cindy D.

I Have a Question..

Why work with a nutritionist versus just buying the latest diet book or checking out the internet?
My philosophy on food and nutrition is different than what you will get out of any diet book on the market or from a nutrition “guru” on the internet. Here’s why: diet books or the latest fad diet are intended to have you follow a strict set of rules for a limited amount of time. My approach helps you set up your own guidelines on your own terms, taking into account your specific health issues and lifestyle. This isn’t like any other ‘health plan’. We work together as partners in finding the RIGHT things for you – starting right where you are. No shame. No painful deprivation. All care. 
What is a culinary nutritionist?
A culinary nutritionist has dual training in both the science of clinical nutrition and the nuances of healthy eating and cooking. If you want to learn how to take all the confusing nutrition information out there and translate it into your own kitchen, a culinary nutritionist can help you do just that. I hold a chef’s certification from the Natural Gourmet Institute, the premier cooking school for health-supportive cooking, as well as a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University, a rigorous three-year program from one of the top schools in the country for cutting-edge nutrition.
What’s the connection between food and health?
There is powerful evidence that what we eat and nourish ourselves with is accountable for over 80% of disease and overweight. Food is medicine. It can regulate energy, digestion and moods. What we choose to eat can have a profound effect on how we feel in general.
I know I should eat more kale, but are you also going to tell me to never eat cookies again?
Never! A good homemade chocolate chip cookie is GREAT! I eat cookies too. Health is not one thing. It’s not a set of unreasonable rules. And nutrition coaching is NOT one size fits all. If you are tired of feeling like you have no idea what to do to feel better, and are looking for a lasting approach to weight loss then I’m with you all the way. The goal of coaching is to empower you to make lifestyle changes and habits that you can keep for the long term. It’s hard, yes. But so worth it.
Do I need to sign up for a package? Can I just sign up for one visit?
If you want to be successful with your health-related goals, nutrition coaching takes commitment and a decision to make you and your health goals a priority. I have found that my clients have more success when appointments are bundled in a package where they have access to me via email and accountability. I do occasionally see clients for a single session depending on the challenge or health  issue.
Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance. That said, I give my clients more time and attention than someone who is “on the clock”. I will extend visits if we are diving deep on a goal and give extra time through email and even text messaging.
How do I get started as a client?
You can simply sign up for a free Strategy Session to talk to me and see what the best path to get started is. See the link below.
How do you see clients?
I see my clients via Zoom.
How long will nutrition coaching take for me to reach my goals or lose weight?
Creating lasting behavioral change is a process that takes time. Remember, this is not about being “on a diet” and then “off a diet”. You are signing up because you want to make lasting changes. While this depends on the goals you have set for yourself, coaching can typically take about 3 months, done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
How can I get the most out of my nutrition coaching sessions?
It helps if you come the sessions with reflections, successes and challenges from the prior weeks. I will, in turn, keep you on task with your health and nutrition goals, and each session we will reevaulate and set new goals for the upcoming weeks.

Is Nutrition Coaching Right For You?

Set up a time for your FREE Strategy Session to see how I can help you.


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