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About Heather Carey

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Hi, I’m Heather. It’s So Nice to Meet You.

Nutritionist, healthy cooking instructor, and kitchen coach are some of my “official titles”. But really, I am a mom, daughter, sister, spouse, and a woman in midlife who knows firsthand how it feels to get sucked into the false promise of diets, tantalized by menopause marketing, and still manage to do my best with my health and the many challenges can occur when we hit this age. 

Can you relate?

It’s my mission to teach other women in midlife and the menopause transition how to find peace with their bodies, joy in the kitchen, and a healthy mindset when it comes to nourishing yourself.

Not for the kids, not for your partner. But for you.

We All Have a Food Story, Here’s Mine

I grew up in a family peppered with food stories, and secrets. Candy was sometimes a reward; cookies were there to hold my hand through deep loss, and a steamy bowl of my grandmother’s matzoh ball soup comforted me and made me feel cherished.

Yet, I was also taught that women were not really supposed to like food. Women should always be watching their weight.

Starting at age 11, it was commonplace for me to dabble in the latest diet trend, losing and gaining the weight back, going round and round in a never-ending cycle of diet success and failure.

As I became a teenager, I enjoyed cooking and experimenting in the kitchen, mostly with a diet focus. My first cookbook was called The No Fat, No Salt No Sugar Cookbook (doesn’t that sound dreadful?). Losing weight was always the goal.

In high school, my hippyish, health-food loving aunt came for a visit and showed me that food could be more than fat-free or diet-minded. She introduced me to “foreign” foods like brown rice and tofu, and the healing properties of each. I was hooked on the relationship between food and healing and the fact that food had more of a purpose than to think it was the enemy. Food could be nourishment.

My health-supportive cooking school and clinical nutrition education have allowed me to help many women find their way with food, healing, and making peace with their bodies. It has also allowed me to explore my own journey of health and wellness and put evidence into action. An overwhelming diagnosis of multiple sclerosis when I was 27 made me grateful to be in charge of my kitchen and, armed with information, ready to support my body with my growing knowledge of “food as medicine”.

Soon after, the babies came. Three of them, very close together (twins, and the third, less than two years later). Exhaustion, extra weight, stress, and a whole lot of mindless eating and drinking ensued to make it through the days. Although I knew a lot about healthy food and nutrition, I was losing my way. Soothing myself with food or wine was a deeply ingrained emotional eating habit, and it became crystal clear that the food stories I inherited as a young adult came back to take hold. Sugar and wine failed me every time and only left me more tired, with more weight and more frustration.

I Got Back on Track

I had attended a cooking school that specialized in health-supportive cooking, and one of the top graduate schools in the country for Clinical Nutrition. I knew how to eat well, and the science behind weight loss. Yet, I was allowing life to get in the way of what I needed: nourishing food to support my health and energy, and most importantly, a profound shift in my habits.

I needed the proper mindset to make myself a priority, a connection to mindful eating, becoming a more intuitive eater, listening to my hunger, and reconnecting to the heart of my kitchen by consistently making real food.

I decided to stop leaning on my emotions to dictate my food choices and reconnected with the healing properties of real, whole food. I stopped treating wine and sugar like my best friend. I embraced meal planning and learned to enjoy cooking again. I committed and cheered myself on, every step of the way. I journaled, and I stayed connected to my inner peace. My kitchen became my sanctuary and a place of pleasure, not stress. I lost 20 pounds, kept it off, and regained my energy—the food I chose to nourish myself with made all the difference.

And now, in midlife, these core principles still hold for me, to this day. Midlife and the menopause transition means being an empty-nester, focusing on aging parents and another round of new challenges with my body, weight, and energy. But my connection to the nourishing food I eat, the mind-body principles I embrace, and the connection to my kitchen and cooking will never waver.

Which Brings Me to You

With all the confusion around what to eat, body image, and aging, navigating through midlife and menopause takes a village. When the collective thinking is that weight gain is inevitable and that a decade of hot flashes and brain fog lie ahead for us, it can lead to a lot of desperation in terms of unproven diets, expensive supplements, and products you just don’t need. If you were a dieter back then, old fears and habits can kick in hard at this time.

My focus is on midlife women because I understand this phase in your life. You may be struggling with losing weight, trying to understand your crazy hormones, scouring misinformation on the internet, managing a new illness, questioning your alcohol use, and simply new to this healthy real food journey (and know that what you could get away with is no longer working).

I’m here to help you make peace with food and see the results you want to achieve. I meet you where you are at. It’s all within you, I’m here to guide you on your healing journey and fully support you along the way.

Through my 1-1 coaching, healthy cooking classes at The Green Palette Kitchen, my podcast, recipes, and news on my blog, I’m in this to make a difference in women’s lives through the undeniable impact of real food and a profound shift in habits. It has worked for me and the countless number of midlife women I have worked with. I know it can work for you too.

Here’s how we begin. Reach out to set up a time to talk. No pressure or obligation, just a brief conversation to see if how I work is a fit for you. I am grateful to meet you and I look forward to connecting.


Professional Bio

Heather Carey is a nutritionist, whole foods chef, and menopause health coach. She helps women make significant shifts in their health and weight through nutrition coaching, kitchen coaching, and cooking instruction in her teaching kitchen, The Green Palette Kitchen. Heather received her master’s degree from New York University, one of the top schools in the country for clinical nutrition, and received a chef’s certification from The Natural Gourmet Institute, the premier cooking school for health-supportive cooking. Heather was chosen to be part of the “Fairfield 25”, a group of the most giving, most interesting, and most talented individuals in Fairfield, CT.


Heather’s Credentials

  • New York University, MS Clinical Nutrition
  • Certification in Menopause Health Coaching, Girls Gone Strong
  • Chef Training Program, The Natural Gourmet Cooking School
  • Syracuse University, BA in Political Science, minor in Mediation and Communication
  • Owner and Chef Instructor, Green Palette Kitchen
  • Adult Weight Management, American Dietetic Association, Certificate
  • Food as Medicine, Mind Body Medicine Institute, Certificate
  • Food, Mood and Brain Health, Mind Body Medicine Institute, Certificate
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