Healthy Resources

Healthy Resources

Free Nutrition Resources | Heather Carey MS

Healthy Meal Plans

“Just tell me what to eat” has never been easier! It’s no secret that meal planning is a healthy eating secret.

But,when midlife busyness gets in the way, a little help can’t hurt!

Click below to check out the ever growing list of seasonal, healthy meal plans that come complete with recipes (with pictures!) and a detailed shopping list to help even more.

Get Planning!


Real Food Stories Podcast

In The Real Food Stories Podcast, Heather gets real with her own stories about food, growing up in diet culture, and all things midlife.

Take a listen to her in-depth interviews with other women in midlife and feel the camaraderie.

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Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are the heart and soul of eating inspiration! As a nutritionist and cooking instructor, nutritious and delicious is the name of the game.

Grab some healthy inspiration today. Recipes are categorized and ready to cook!

Get Cooking!

Wellness Blog

Read up on the latest in midlife health topics and concerns such as weight gain, what to eat, hormones, and more.

Join the movement to make midlife a time you can actually enjoy and feel empowered.

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