Online Kitchen Coaching

Learn How to Eat Healthfully and With Ease

Online Kitchen Coaching

Learn How to Eat Healthfully and With Ease

Kitchen Coaching | Heather Carey

What Are We Having for Dinner?

This one short sentence can evoke more emotions than any in the human language. From fear to eye-rolling, figuring out what’s for dinner can be stressful to say the least.

Throw in the pressure to make it healthy, combined with a multitude of food preferences and pickiness and it could be a recipe for ordering another pizza.

Whether or not you are cooking for yourself, and your family, making changes in reaction to a health issue, or want to know how to add real, healthy foods into your life, you need some essential skills.

Meal planning, shopping, cooking, and having fun to name a few.

Online kitchen coaching can help nudge you back into your kitchen and take you from loathing to loving the one thing we all need to do every day: eat.

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Everyone Needs an Online Kitchen Coach

Is this you?

Weight Watchers, Paleo, The Whole 30, Keto or Intermittent Fasting. You’ve tried them all. Food and diets are your jam. You even have the Food Network on as background noise.

But, you know deep down that trendy diets don’t work. With all the unreasonable rules, deprivation, and an “on again, off again” mentality, you’re ready for a more lasting change that nourishes your body and nurtures your soul.

The challenge you face are the actual kitchen skills: planning meals, grocery shopping with a purpose, stocking the pantry with healthy food. You were not born with a knife in your hand, how would have learned anyway?

Online kitchen coaching can help with all of that. Let me show you how.

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Essential Help In The Kitchen

As an Online Kitchen Coach, I can help you:

    • quickly sum up the goals you have for your kitchen, shopping, and planning meals
    • create a meal planning system that is individualized and works for you with ease;
    • create a stress-free kitchen and pantry full of wonderful herbs, spices, and essential equipment that works with your individual goals, so cooking becomes easy and comfortable;
    • properly read a food label and quickly distinguish food that should go in your grocery cart versus staying on the shelf
    • show you how to navigate any grocery store or online shopping service, so you are in and out in about 30 minutes
    • learn the secrets to rockstar meal planning and simplified, stress-free grocery shopping that helps save you money and prevent food waste
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Kitchen Coaching Package Options

Kitchen Inspiration Session

In this initial online session, you and I will spend time exploring:

    • your vision and the best options for success
    • food knowledge and cooking capabilities
    • current food habits and choices
    • your lifestyle and how this might affect your health
    • what you should really be eating – let’s let go of the hype

Get A Real Food Education

With kitchen coaching, you can learn to navigate around the maze of the over 2,600 natural and organic food products that Whole Foods carries. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices you have. You and I will meet online (or Whole Foods until further notice) to:

    • learn how to read a food label and evaluate what is in a food in order to make the best choices;
    • get educated on local, organic, sustainable, natural 
and whole foods – what they are and why they might be important for you;
    • understand the best food choices for your individual needs and learn not to get lured in by fancy food promises.
    • master the art of mindful grocery shopping – important tips and secrets for navigating the store in no time at all.

Kitchen Rehab Ideas

Time to clean out! Your kitchen does not have to come straight out of Martha Stewart magazine, full of expensive gadgets and fancy foods. Having the right, time saving equipment and a well-stocked pantry leads to less frustration and more ease in the kitchen. You and I will meet online (you in your kitchen and me in mine) to:

    • discover the essential foods to stock your pantry with in order to create quick, easy meals and snacks;
    • learn why it’s better to lose the foods that contribute to weight gain, inflammation and drain our energy;
    • learn what kitchen equipment and utensils any kitchen should never be without and what is no longer serving you

Healthy Meal Planning

No more “what’s for dinner?” at 5pm. Healthy meal planning the key to stress free healthy eating! When you learn how to successfully meal plan, you:

    • discover the joy in cooking rather than it being something to dread;
    • learn to use your newly created personalized pantry to put together quick, effortless meals;
    • learn creative, yet practical tips that actually end up saving you tons of time not only in your kitchen but in your week.
    • curate recipes that are personalized for you and not someone else’s plan

Private Online Cooking Lessons

The best way to learn is right in the kitchen! In a private online cooking lesson you and I will meet on Zoom, kitchen to kitchen, to create a healthy meal that is based specifically on your health issues, food allergies, sensitivities, likes, dislikes and interests. You will enjoy your meal with renewed confidence in the kitchen and an enjoyable dinner. Click below to read more about The Green Palette Kitchen, my kitchen away from home.


Get Started with Healthy Online Kitchen Coaching

The Healthy Kitchen Package

All 5 Essential Sessions:

  • Kitchen Inspiration Session
  • Get a Real Food Education
  • Kitchen Rehab
  • Healthy Meal Planning
  • Private Cooking Lesson


  • Unlimited text or email in-between sessions to monitor progress
  • One week totally personalized meal plan with recipes, shopping list and game plan for the week

Price: $2497 (payment plans available)

The A la Carte Menu

Any of the 5 Essential Sessions:

  • Kitchen Inspiration Session
  • Get a Real Food Education
  • Kitchen Rehab
  • Healthy Meal Planning
  • Private Cooking Lesson


  • Personalized Meal Plans that include one week meal plans, shopping list and a detailed game plan.
  • These sessions can be mixed and matched. In this case I work on an hourly basis. Click HERE to see more about hourly package rates.


"I love cooking now, my motivation is that I feel so much better without preservatives and I plan ahead—eating only whole foods and a plant-based diet. You got me off to the right start – thank you!”

- Joyce M.
My class at The Green Palette Kitchen was a great experience for me. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable - just inviting you to feel relaxed and at ease. I did not know what to expect. And found myself so intrigued with all the information you were passing on to me. It inspired me to want to learn and do more - from my kitchen tools, to growing some veggies and herbs, to creating more of what I eat from “scratch.” Finding you came at a good time for me. As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear!

- Diane H.
I had a private online cooking class with Heather that was wonderful! She is full of ideas and recipes for healthy whole food cooking. Heather taught me how to use herbs in my food to make it more flavorful and also gave me a lesson on how to properly use my knives. The food we cooked was delicious and all the leftovers were sent home with me. I would highly recommend Heather for cooking classes and/or nutritional counseling.

- Christal K.

Hey there! I’m Heather

I am a chef and nutritionist (aka Culinary Nutritionist) who knows how to guide you through this journey of healthy eating and living. Forget the handouts with too much information. My specialty is getting people back into their kitchens to help you realize that healthy and nutritious can be easy and delicious. All it takes is some coaching and the willingness to learn some new skills. Let me cheer you on in your kitchen with all the essential tools you need to be in charge of your new healthy kitchen.


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