Feeling the (Body) Love with Rachel Lavin

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In 2018 Fitness and Health Coach Rachel Lavin said enough to the diets and self-sabotage she had been creating for herself for almost all her life. Rachel had been every body size you could count and had a closet full of clothes to prove it.

Listen to Rachel’s Food Story

Rachel learned how to embrace healthy cooking (rather than eating the packaged diet foods she was used to surviving on) by being open to the process, with a healthy dose of curiosity and openness to the benefits of eating real healthy food. As a result, Rachel tapped into her intuition and mindfulness and learned what foods work for her body, what doesn’t, and how to be okay with all of it.

Rachel went on to write a book called The Doughnut Diaries, a personal story about her journey to make peace with her body. She now coaches women, based on the principles in her book, to love their bodies and make peace with exactly where they are at.

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