How To Slow Down Aging

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Is it possible to “age in reverse” or anti-age, as many on the internet claim?

Today on the podcast, I speak with Christing Boev. Christing Boev is a professor and ICU nurse who has a long history of antiaging and longevity research.  She and I take a DEEP dive into what it means to age, the hype around aging (and antiaging), and what we can do with food, movement, and mindset in order to live our best lives now and in our futures.


In This Episode Christine and I cover:

  • The absolute non-negotiables that you need in your life when it comes to being strong and healthy as we age (hint: get moving!);
  • Why women have been doing exercise all wrong, and what they need to do instead;
  • How to fuel your body properly with longevity in mind;
  • How to achieve your place of calm (it matters to your health!);
  • The desperation of some women to lose weight and the costs of Ozempic and other Mounjaro. We talk about how they work and the better alternatives when it comes to weight loss.

Reach Out to Christine

Christine can be reached on IG HERE.

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