The Healthy Spring Midlife Reset

The Healthy Spring Midlife Reset

The Healthy Spring Midlife Reset | Heather Carey MS

Did Your Last Diet Fail You?

Let’s gets real. You did not fail your last diet. Diets fail you.

Diets tell you the (confusing) rules and take the pleasure out of eating. And when you break the rules and gain the weight back, you are often more bewildered than ever. You thought this was finally supposed to stick. But diets want you to fail, only so you can return again.  Lose the weight, gain it back, believe it’s your fault. Rinse, repeat.

Haven’t you had enough?

Enter midlife.  We women are in a physical  transition (hello wacky hormones and meno weight gain!) along with emotions that can get the best of us. Fear can make us fall back on old coping and dieting methods. You may have leaned a little too heavily on wine and sugar to make it all feel better. And then back on the same old diet. Throw in stress, a bad nights sleep…the list goes on.

It’s easy to lose your way right now.

Right now, there is an abundance of spring detoxes and cleanses – from your gym to social media. It’s easy to get lured in after feeling like you blew it in winter, and you have shorts and bathing suit season coming up.

You want to make some changes, especially if we want to lose weight, get a grip on hormones, stay healthy and feel energized. It just doesn’t need to feel punishing.

Overwhelm might be creeping in – how to get started, fear over not doing it right, and please, no more diets!

The Reset begins April 5, 2024!

The Spring Reset is Perfect for You If:

**You are a woman in midlife and feel a lot of confusion about what to eat;

**You have been turning to sugar and wine (then detoxing and dieting) as a way to cope with changing hormones, mystery weight gain and energy;

**You are ready to make a change this spring and get back on track, yet want to do it in a more compassionate way.

**You are over counting points, eliminating food groups, taking unfamiliar supplements, and getting lured with the promise of a quick fix;

**You know that a happier, healthier version of yourself doesn’t happen overnight and takes some commitment.

Let’s Get Started!

The Healthy Spring Midlife Reset Details


  • Click on one of the easy links above or below to sign up. The price, right now, is $67 for the early bird price. Good until April 1st (when the price goes up) so do not miss out on this offer!
  • Two weeks of beautifully detailed meal plans, shopping list and creative, simple plant-forward recipes (with pictures!) with ingredients that are focused on women in midlife.
  • A simple, step-by-step guide that shows the how and what to do for each day and week. Planning helps take the guesswork out of eating and the fun back into your kitchen;
  • Zoom meetups to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss specific midlife topics that are relevant to this season of life;
  • Guidance through the week and access to my private Facebook group for accountability and to share successes.
  • The Fall Reset kicks off on Friday April 5th 2024 with shopping and prep suggestions for the week starting Monday April 8th. It is highly recommended to sign up early to get a jump on things to prepare and be ready for the upcoming week.
    • A meal plan, shopping list and game plan that will include easy, delicious and  health supportive breakfasts, lunch, dinners, snack and dessert ideas
    • A set of beautifully curated recipes and a prep guide to help you through the week
    • A plan for delicious, nutritious eating that will spur healthy into action
  • PLUS!
    •  Tons of freebies and handouts, with guided exercises and journal prompts
    • Pantry and equipment guides to make your kitchen simple and streamlined
  • AND…
    • Two scheduled  Zoom calls for you to interact in real time with me. We’ll cover cooking tips, answer questions about being your healthiest during stressful times, our mindsets and mindfulness, distinguishing hunger and battling cravings.
    • Don’t worry about missing the meetings if you can’t make it, they will be recorded

Sign Me Up!

Shift Into Spring Thinking

If losing weight, feeling energetic, or getting on a grip on your hormones is even a thought for you I can promise, your first step is to put your attention on food.

It doesn’t have to be drastic or uncomfortable. No harsh detoxes to whip you into shape. But you need to be in charge.

It starts with knowing what you are eating every day.

The Spring Healthy Midlife Reset will be your first stepping stone to a renewed way of eating and living. It will show you how to plan out your meals so you are back in control.

If effortless, healthy eating has felt like what only “other” woman do, the Spring Healthy Midlife Reset will get you to love real food again. You will enjoy done for you meal plans full of simple, yet delicious, seasonal recipes, that are within your reach.

And by the end, you will happily be planning out your very own delicious, nutritious meals too.

It’s a win-win.

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"I’m really enjoying the Midlife Reset, & wishing the group could continue longer! One of the things that’s been so great about the Reset for me was how so many of the complications & decisions around eating were removed, which had freed up brain space to be more mindful. Pretty cool :)."
"The fact that the program has structure and flexibility was exactly what I needed to start, and you made it super easy to follow! I’ve learned a lot, not just about food and meal prep, but I feel like some of the tools can be carried into almost every facet of my hectic life.  Of course, that seems like common sense, but sometimes work, home, and a lack of taking the time for me get in the way. More importantly than the food I was eating, is the realization that I’m a pretty good talker, and that just because I know something doesn’t mean I’m actually doing the right thing."
"The recipes in your program are really great. I’ve always liked to cook but wasn’t making the healthiest dishes for sure. Also, finding pockets of time throughout the week to prepare things have been huge for me. Thank you for providing all the necessary info to succeed with and for making me more aware of my actions and their consequences."
"The food has been delicious and I definitely feel like I have more energy. I meditate and journal often, walk the dog 2-3 miles everyday and do yoga & strength training for exercise too. The balance of activities plus the healthy food has really helped me stay focused on my health goals - in my experience when I am feeling good & healthy, I really don't feel like eating crap!!"
"We are all really enjoying the yummy new recipes. What a great way to start the new year! Thank you, Heather!"

Food Should Be Fun!

Just because you are in midlife does not mean you cannot enjoy your food.

You may feel that this season of life only means the uphill battle of mysterious weight gain, more anxiety, sleepless nights and hot flashes.

Which then means yet another diet, detox, confusion around supplements and how to get back to yourself.

You shouldn’t have to add more stress and guess at the correct way to get back on track this season. Or hold onto another fad diet that promises you the moon and delivers false promises.

Food can actually be a fun and creative endeavor. During the Reset we experiment with simple yet interesting recipes, play with spices and flavors, learn about the best and most beneficial foods to eat in midlife, and learn how to eat with full satisfaction and enjoyment.

It doesn’t hurt that you can lose some weight, have more energy and feel great, with a little assistance and real guidance.

Sign Me Up!

"Since starting I have been eating more whole foods and thinking a lot more about what I buy. All the recipes were fantastic!  Through the workshop, I felt more able to stop and think about what I was eating.  It put me on the road to weight loss.  I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone. It was so informative with a warm group and leader."
"I wanted to tell you I’m still following your Reset recipes and loving it. I’ve now lost 20 lbs without trying….and I feel better, too. I’m not hungry, just eating the right stuff. I’ve got a long way to go but really feel like you’ve put me on the right path…thank you Heather."
"I'm so pleased I signed up, I was on the fence for a while. All the meals I have tried so far have been super tasty and not complicated...both very important points for me :-) I learned that meal planning is key, it takes so much of the stress out of planning and actually making it happen."

Hey There, I’m Heather!

I specialize in helping women in midlife and the menopause transition navigate their health through nutrition and kitchen coaching. I will be your guide and accountability partner for the two weeks of The Spring Healthy Midlife Reset. I’m a clinical nutritionist and chef, and I’m also a woman and mom who is navigating the rocky waters of perimenopause and beyond. When I embraced meal planning and healthy eating on a daily basis (rather than a “when I can get to it” attitude) my world opened up. I lost stubborn weight (for good!), gained so much energy and got my health issues in check.

Trying to “figure out healthy food” on your own can be a lesson in frustration.  I help simplify real, healthy food so eating becomes enjoyable again. Let’s do this together.

Spring is the season of renewal. Make this year your time to take charge and get more back in control!

Have Questions? I’m happy to chat, click the link to reach out.


Let’s Talk

I Have a Question…

Seriously, is the Reset just another name for a detox?
I promise you the Reset is not a detox, or any way of eating that you have to tough out. My philosophy on food and nutrition is different than what you will get out of any diet book on the market or from a nutrition “guru” on the internet. Here’s why: diet books or the latest fad diet are intended to have you follow a strict set of rules for a limited amount of time. My approach helps you set up your own guidelines on your own terms, taking into account your specific health issues and lifestyle.
I am a beginner in the kitchen, how much do I need to know?
All the recipes in the Reset are fairly simple and straightforward. I walk you through every recipe, step by step, in my action plans I give you. I know you are busy, and this is not about creating more work for you, but to eat and live well, we do need to cook well.
Will I lose weight on the Reset?
While this is not about calorie restricting and dieting, if you have been eating your way through winter you may lose a few pounds. You will also gain some energy and a lot of insight as to how to eat well.  
What else can the Reset do for me?
Change takes time and commitment but for two weeks you can allow yourself to practice self care, focus on more movement and overall healthy eating.
Will I be hungry on the Reset?
Absolutely not. Starving is not a way to make change. That said, if you have been eating less than your best through winter, you may feel an adjustment of calories but we never want to go hungry. I can offer tips for that.

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