Empowering Your Menopause with Kristin Mallon and Michelle Wispelwey

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“Menopause is a natural part of life but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Our mission is to empower women to navigate this transition with strength and confidence”.

Empowering women to take charge of their health and their hormones is having its moment in the sun!

I’m really excited to share my conversation with Kristin Mallon and Michele Wispelwey, co-founders of FemGevity, a telemedicine company that provides ultra-personalized menopause support through a variety of testing so that your plan is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

We continued our conversation after the podcast (because we had so much to talk about!) and got into the detriments of menopause-type diets and the confusion they cause. Click HERE to read the blog.

I talked to Kristin and Michelle about:

  • Why menopause is NOT one size fits all and why most doctors treat it that way;
  • The benefits of supporting your health through hormones, and the detriments to your health by not doing it;
  • The 100 symptoms women can experience when they go through menopause and how specific testing can help hone in on a treatment plan just for you;
  • Hormones that affect our symptoms (hello libido!) that go beyond estrogen and progesterone.

Where To Learn More About FemGevity

Click HERE for their website
Click HERE to find them on IG
Click HERE to find them on FB

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