All About Magic Mushrooms with Bijou Finney

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Are you mushroom-curious?

“Magic mushrooms” are the new medical marijuana and there is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions surrounding them.

Tune in to discover the transformative powers of mushroom therapy from Bijou Finney, a microdose coach, to the show. With Bijou’s guidance, we traverse the healing landscape of both psychoactive and non-psychoactive mushrooms, revealing their potential to enhance health, cognition, and well-being.

Bijou shares her journey within the world of medicinal mushrooms, and how she has embraced a protocol that has changed the emotional and mental landscape for her and her clients.  This conversation is a must-listen for anyone curious about natural wellness or seeking an alternative approach to personal development.

This episode is a deep exploration of the burgeoning practice of the compound psilocybin, and how it impacts mental health.  Bijou and I unpack why individuals are turning to these natural substances, the critical importance of personalized dosing, and the unexpected creative breakthroughs that can arise. We bust myths, stress the value of expert guidance, and discuss the subtle art of balancing one’s unique circumstances with the profound effects of microdosing.

For those intrigued by the power of mushrooms but hesitant about psychoactive experiences, we also shed light on the health benefits of varieties like lion’s mane and turkey tail, detailing how to choose quality supplements and integrate them into a healthy lifestyle.

Bijou’s expertise is evident as we consider the integration of mushroom therapy with other healing modalities, such as conventional talk therapy. By the end of our discussion, you’ll be equipped with a good understanding of mushroom therapy’s place in the wellness world, and how it might complement your healing journey.

For those eager to learn more, Bijou Finney is just a click away on social media and her website, ready to guide you through the evolving landscape of natural therapies.

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