Reimagining Midlife and Menopause Wellness with Amita Sharma

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Amita Sharma is the founder of Nourish Doc,  an online platform for menopause wellness resources. Amita shared her story and struggles of perimenopause and menopause amidst a corporate world that barely acknowledges its existence. She created her platform out of what she saw as an unmet need.

Amita’s mission with Nourish Doc is to empower middle-aged women and bring much-needed awareness to the forefront. Our open exchange threw light on:

  • the taboo subject of menopause, discussing its impact on women’s professional lives, and the dire need for resources and understanding in the workplace.
  • the incredible potential of diet and lifestyle choices to maintain hormonal harmony.
  • the serious implications of gut health, mental well-being, and the profound influence of modalities like yoga and Ayurveda on menopausal symptoms.
  • menopause as a movement that’s gaining traction in spaces like big corporate and beyond, where menopause awareness in the workplace is finally being recognized as a pressing issue.

Amida shared the exciting news of the Nourish Doc app, a beacon of support for women navigating this natural, albeit challenging, life stage. From acknowledging the cultural nuances of menopause to advocating for necessary accommodations, we underscored the importance of creating an inclusive environment where every woman can thrive, free from the shackles of silent suffering.

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