Transformational Tips From a Woman Who Has Maintained a 100 Pound Weight Loss

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Coming from a place of unseen anxiety and depression, weight loss coach Megan Gaul used small-habit change and the help of cognitive behavioral therapy to build a new relationship with food. She lost 100 lbs over 1 year, and the bulk of her growth has been learning how to MAINTAIN that weight loss in a way that feels kind, self-loving, and expansive (rather than restrictive).

Megan has made peace with food and sustained her 100-pound weight loss since 2018. Her story is one of resilience and the power of small but mighty habits, beginning with the simplicity of adding in an extra glass of water a day and evolving into a mindful relationship with her meals. Our conversation covers everything, from the profound influence of our childhood stories around food to the habits that are requirements to keep going on a weight loss journey (and hint: they do not require you to suffer or starve).

Megan shares many of the critical habits that have evolved with her over time and that have solidified her resolve. Weight loss can be seen as easy, maintaining that weight loss takes commitment. Megan and I discussed the dangers of aiming for dietary perfection, advocating instead for a realistic approach that fosters a healthier lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed.

Megan is a Weight Loss Coach! Click HERE for her website.
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