Mindful Drinking Might Be the Answer with Maria Mayes

Maria mayes
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Have you ever been curious about your own drinking habits, especially those times when you automatically reach for a glass of wine (hello Friday happy hour!), no thought required?

Reaching for that glass of wine might be almost an unconscious routine and less of a mindful enjoyment.

Today on the podcast I entered into a novel conversation with meditation teacher and wellbeing coach Maria Mayes, who provides an insightful perspective on mindful drinking. I have heard of mindful eating but mindful drinking was an interesting concept for me and one that might interest you too.

Maria, who has a side gig in the wine industry, shares her personal journey of transformation towards mindful drinking, and how she helps others break free from unconscious habit loops and self-medication through alcohol.

She imparts gentle wisdom on how to cultivate healthier habits through mindful practices and the critical role of self-compassion when it comes to practicing mindful drinking.

Let’s question, learn, and grow towards healthier habits together.

Connect With Maria
Find out about Maria’s mindful drinking programs and coaching HERE
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