Healing From Trauma with Shannon Swanson

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Last week I created a podcast about grieving the loss of my beloved dog Buck and how I am processing and working through those feelings in a very different way than I had done in the past. I was conditioned and trained to not show too many feelings and through taking a very deep dive with myself in the last year, I am exploring different ways to feel all my feelings. It has been very healing.

The timing could not be better than for my interview with Shannon Swanson, a trauma therapist and a woman in midlife with her own very personal story of healing.

While many people experience big traumas (think war, child abuse, or accidents) many of us also have experienced what is called “little t” traumas that may have followed us from childhood. These little t’s can affect who we are and how we act as adults.

Shannon runs the Expand Membership, a healing space for women to work through their own stories around trauma so they can live a more vibrant life.

In This Episode, Shannon and I Talk About

  • How every emotional trigger is an opportunity for growth
  • The deep need we all have to voice our and share our own trauma stories so we can move forward and heal
  • The dangers and detriments of avoiding our feelings and not giving yourself permission to release them
  • The power of healing when we work through our beliefs of not being enough, people pleasing, perfectionism, fears, and anxiety

Where You Can Find Shannon

https://www.shannoneswanson.com/ and on IG @shannoneswanson

Click to learn more about the Expand Membership and private coaching

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