Trauma Triggers and Eating Disorders

Nicole Kerr
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It can be argued that eating disorders, while complex, are a product of childhood trauma and other by-products of growing up. This was certainly the case for former Dietitian Nicole Kerr.

What about a near-death experience?

In her late teens, Nicole had a near-fatal car accident that scarred her physically and emotionally. In fact, Nicole was declared dead in the ER before being revived. This life-changing experience threw Nicole’s whole being into turmoil and from there she developed a 20-year battle with Bulimia.

Nicole’s food story is a deep and heartfelt look at the relationship between upbringing, trauma, and how we view ourselves under the microscope of the all-powerful influence of social media. Through her near-death experience and a subsequent eating disorder, Nicole learned:

  • How being a people pleaser and not letting failure be an option ultimately worked against her;
  • How unresolved trauma that was not addressed manifested into an eating disorder for her;
  • What Nicole learned from her NDT (near-death experience) how to live rather than fear dying;
  • The unrelenting pressure of thinness and unrealistic body image can strike at any age (midlife included!);
  • That healing yourself is not linear, there is no end point (and that is good news).

How To Find Nicole

Nicole’s website is HERE

Nicole’s book, You Are Deathless: A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death can be found on Amazon

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