Rewriting the Narrative of Body Confidence and Intuitive Eating with Anne Poirier

anne poirier
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or aAnne Poirier, the inspiring certified intuitive eating counselor, and body confidence coach, joins us this week to unravel the threads of body image and intuitive eating, sharing her journey from personal struggles to empowering others. As we navigate through Anne’s story, we shed light on the destructive grip of diet culture and the societal pressures that perpetuate the “thin ideal,” while offering the promise of her Body Joyful revolution.

Body image isn’t just about what we see; it’s deeply intertwined with how we value ourselves. The “good gift/bad gift” analogy Anne presents helps us understand that our perceptions have profound effects on our behavior and mental health. Our conversation takes a critical look at the messages we’ve inherited, from family to media, and ponders the potential for creating a ripple effect of body positivity for future generations. Anne also introduces us to the intuitive eating philosophy, crafted by Evelyn Tribole, as a liberating escape from the confines of traditional dieting.

Wrapping up our thoughtful exchange, we engage in the heart of intuitive eating principles, emphasizing the significance of trusting our body’s cues over the noise of external diet dogmas. Anne challenges us to rethink health and weight loss, encouraging a shift towards well-being rather than numbers on a scale.

This episode isn’t just an interview; it’s a call to join a movement that’s rewriting stories about our bodies and our meals, led by a voice as influential as Anne’s. Join us for an episode that’s as nourishing for the soul as a balanced meal is for the body.

How To Find Anne

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Anne’s book, The Body Joyful is HERE

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