Embracing Vulnerability with Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel
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How often do we mask our struggles and fears behind a brave face, afraid to show vulnerability? Especially as a man? Meet Dai Manuel, lifestyle mentor and executive performance coach, who knows this all too well. His journey, fraught with battles against food and alcohol addiction, inspires us all to face our personal demons and transform from within. Dai’s candor about his early years and the honesty required to shift his mindset gives us a glimpse into his journey of transformation.

Self-discovery is often a long and winding road. For Dai, it started in his teenage years, when he realized he needed to make critical changes. From shedding weight to quitting drinking to confronting fears associated with personal growth, Dai’s life is a testament to resilience.

Dai’s compelling story is a beacon of transformation powered by vulnerability. From managing anxiety and depression to preventing self-sabotage, he provides vital insights on mental health.

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