Discovering the Power of Collagen

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Have you ever felt lost and overwhelmed in the supplement aisle? We’ve all been there.

Today I bring you some much-needed clarity as we converse with Sheri Geoffreys and Gina Gallagher, the dynamic duo behind Yonder, a grass-fed collagen and organic mushroom coffee company. Their entrepreneurial journey was born out of frustration with the confusing nature of the supplement industry and a personal quest for quality health products.

A Personal Experience with Collagen and Health

Sheri and Gina bring to light their transformative experiences with collagen, an essential protein often missing from our modern diets. Their stories are not just about their health journeys, but also about their discovery of collagen as a nutrition hero in their wellness routines. They break down the science of collagen, especially hydrolyzed collagen, and why it’s a game-changer for our bodies. They also share how they fought gut issues, bladder problems, and cancer recovery by supplementing with collagen, and why they recommend adding high-quality, clean, and organic collagen to your daily diet.

How to Make Collagen Work for You

Finally, they share the creative and simple ways they’ve incorporated collagen into their everyday lives. From stirring it into their morning coffee to mixing it into spaghetti sauce, they’ve made collagen a seamless part of their nutrition. They also introduce us to their brand, Yonder, and its commitment to offering high-quality collagen and organic mushroom coffee. Their passion for educating consumers about the benefits of collagen will leave you inspired to reconsider your own nutrition routine. Listen in as Sheri and Gina take us on an insightful, collagen-filled journey.

AND…if after listening, you want to buy pure quality collagen from them you can click HERE to do just that.

Read more about Sheri, Gina, and Yonder at their website HERE.

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