The Journey of Being Happy

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There is a lot of pressure to be happy, despite how we feel about our bodies and weight, not to mention all that is ever-changing in the world.

I had a deep conversation with Karyn Seitz, Happiness Expert and founder of Awakened Grace, a 10-week course for women that empowers you to heal your relationship with yourself to be happy and live your best life.

In This Episode Karyn and I Talk About:

  • Karyn’s personal journey to find her own happiness and what she discovered along the way
  • How to stop looking outside ourselves in order to be happy
  • The key habits we need to embrace in order to get happy and at peace
  • The internal obstacles that can keep us stuck and drive us from our happiness

Where You Can Find Karyn

Click HERE for Karyn’s website and her Awakened Grace Course for Women
Click HERE for Karyn’s YouTube Channel

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