Making Awareness Your Superpower with Rachel Bohem

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In today’s episode, I talk with life coach Rachel Boehm about the impact of growing up in the world of diets and disordered eating, and how these experiences influenced her to work with (mostly) single women.

In Todays Episode Rachel and I Talk About:

  • How women need to stop “shoulding” all over themselves so they can release stress and realize wellbeing;
  • Learning to feel safe with food and eating;
  • Making awareness your superpower;
  • Why we both do not like the concept of “work-life balance”;
  • Using the “five why’s” to hone in on your goals.

How To Find Rachel

  • Rachel is the author of the book I Am Not! which details her life growing up with diets and disordered eating
  • Rachel can be found at her website (click HERE)
  • Check out Rachel on FB (click HERE)

Let’s Be Friends

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Let’s Talk!

Whether you are looking for 1-1 nutrition coaching or kitchen coaching let’s have a chat. Click HERE to reach out to Heather.

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