The Hidden Gift of Menopause

Jeanne Andrus
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I’m going to be fully honest. Before I spoke to today’s guest, Jeanne Andrus, I had a pretty skeptical view of menopause.
If you are a woman going through menopause/perimenopause or even in midlife, you know how confusing, aggravating, and soul-killing this time of your life can be. Changing bodies, mystery weight gain, periods that won’t end, or weird unexplained symptoms just to name a few.

Seriously, where is the joy in that? Menopause is something I believed we just need to do our best to get through.

Talking with Jeanne gave me a different perspective to consider when it comes to menopause and perimenopause. We have decades to live after midlife and we want to be as healthy as possible and live life to its fullest.

Tune in to take listen to my conversation with Jeanne Andrus.

About Jeanne

Jeanne is a coach and self-proclaimed menopause guru who had her own very personal experience with menopause. She learned that there is a gift we can all receive during this time of our lives. She is the author of five books on menopause and has her own podcast Menopause Matters and a TV show on Phenix TV.

Click HERE to get Jeanne’s 100 symptoms of menopause.
Click HERE to visit Jeanne’s website and learn more about her services.

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