Yoga and the Power of Healing

yoga practice
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If you have beliefs about yoga that it is just not for you because you are either not flexible enough or fit enough, think again.

The practice of yoga has taken on a mystical allure that can turn some people off from taking up this practice in the first place (myself included). The belief, according to social media, of being young fit, and strong has certainly not helped.

Yet, yoga can play a vital role in our health, particularly as we get older. The right kind of yoga can help ease menopause symptoms, heal trauma, and help you relax in a way that nothing else can.

I had a very important conversation with Yoga Instructor Kathy White, who practices a very specific type of yoga aimed at empowering women and men to be more forgiving and gentle with their bodies, while at the same time getting stronger.

Learn More About Kathy and Her Joint Renewal System

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