Navigating the Supplement Maze

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Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the right nutrients from your diet or if you need all those supplements? Join me in this episode of Real Food Stories into the complex world of dietary supplements. I’ll share what supplements I take (it’s not a lot!), emphasizing the importance of balancing food and supplements. We’ll discuss the potential health risks of overconsumption, like those linked to calcium supplements, and underscore why consulting credible sources like nutritionists and dietitians is crucial.

Feeling overwhelmed by the slick marketing of vitamin supplements? You’re not alone. We’ll dissect the hype around celebrity-endorsed products, with a special focus on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop brand and its “High School Genes” pack. By examining the claims and potential dangers of high doses, you’ll learn why “less is more” can be a healthier approach to supplementation. Finally, we open the floor to your experiences with supplements, creating a community dialogue that continues beyond the episode. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion that aims to make you an informed and cautious consumer.

National Institute of Health ODS (Office of Dietary Supplements) click HERE
Consumer Lab click HERE

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