How to Free Yourself In Midlife

journaling journey
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In this episode, I sit down to talk with Lucie Quigley. Lucie podcast host of The Roller Coaster of Midlife, and women in midlife herself. Lucie is also the author of Your Journaling Journey, an action-packed guided journal meant to spark creativity, help cultivate a morning routine, and practice self-care and compassion within yourself.

In this episode Lucie and I talk about:

  • Lucie’s darkest days in midlife and how a small but profound personal shift transformed her
  • The specific journaling practice that saved her soul
  • What are “whyfirmations” (your “why’s” plus affirmations) and why this is an essential part of the midlife journey
  • The importance of morning rituals, a journaling practice (my personal favorite) being kind to yourself, self-acceptance (most importantly with our bodies) in this stage of life and so much more!

To learn more about Lucie:
On IG @the_roller_coaster_podcast
Grab Lucies FREE 7-Day Kickstart Journaling Journey
Get Your Journaling Journey journal and guide on Amazon

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