Here’s What to Love About Carbs

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Ever feel like carbohydrates are the dietary villain you just can’t escape?

Let me shatter the myths and shine a light on the truth about these vital nutrients in our latest Real Food Stories podcast episode. As we dissect the world of carbs, you’ll come away understanding their crucial role in our bodily functions, particularly for brain health, and the importance of differentiating between simple, complex, and fibrous carbs. With a particular focus on the benefits of complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, and beans, this discussion is aimed at guiding you through the murky waters of diet advice, especially for women navigating the shifts in midlife and menopause.

Forget the guilt next time you reach for that banana or slice of whole-grain bread, because this episode is all about embracing the goodness of wholesome carbs. We’ll also tackle the topic of portion control and how to build a satisfying plate that’s rich in these energy-providing foods. Whether you’re looking for peace of mind or practical tips to balance your meals, tune in as I offer a fresh perspective, grounded in science, on incorporating carbohydrates into your diet for optimal health. And for those seeking a tailor-made approach to nutrition, my contact details are ready for you in the show notes—let’s talk about fueling your body the right way.

Read All About It!
To save you from taking notes I wrote it down for you! Click HERE to read all about it on my blog and for links on portion sizes and a high-fiber cheat sheet.

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