Laura Broome Unveils The Keys to a Resilient Life

Laura Broome
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Laura Broom, a resilience coach with a remarkable story of transformation, joins us to reveal her secrets to bouncing back stronger than ever. Having faced breast cancer, the death of a child, a heart transplant, and an unexpected divorce, Laura’s resilience isn’t just theoretical – it’s a lived reality. She’s here to discuss her “I-Cope to Hope” framework and give us a sneak peek into her forthcoming book, “Flourishing After Adversity.”

The journey to resilience is paved with small, deliberate steps and the courage to ask, “What if I succeed?” Throughout our conversation, Laura shares how nurturing positivity, setting boundaries, and celebrating incremental progress can be life-changing. Gratitude lists, realistic expectations, and a focus on what’s within our control are not just buzzwords; they’re tools that Laura uses to guide others through life’s inevitable challenges. By adopting these strategies, we can spark a chain reaction of growth and fulfillment that lasts.

How To Connect with Laura
Click HERE for her website

Laura is currently offering my podcast listeners a free PDF entitled “3 Life-Changing Hacks to Disrupt Thinking Traps and Reduce Stress”. Click HERE for the guide!

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