How to Redefine Your Abundance with Rebecca Whitman

Rebecca Whitman
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When we think of abundance, what comes to mind?

Is it monetary wealth, a fulfilling career, or perhaps healthy relationships? Get ready to redefine abundance with our inspiring guest Rebecca Whitman, a magnetic abundance mentor. Rebecca graciously takes us on a journey from her Hollywood days, wrestling with body image issues, to finding love during midlife.

Unravel the secret of turning scarcity into abundance with Rebecca’s unique seven pillars of abundance and the power of journaling. From career to health and relationships, each pillar sheds light on a different aspect of life. Learn how Rebecca transformed her negative thoughts into positive affirmations

We wrap up with a candid conversation about menopause and body image, offering a haven for women struggling with self-acceptance during this transition. This episode is brimming with wisdom, self-love, and abundance, so tune in and enrich your life with a dose of positivity.

How To Find Rebecca
Rebeccas Website, click HERE

Rebeccas FREE Abundance Journal click HERE

Find Rebecca on IG HERE

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