Holiday Party Pep Talk

holiday survival guide
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You know what’s coming up, right?

At least five holidays (more or less, depending on which ones you celebrate) and a boatload of parties and gatherings. There are a lot of reasons to celebrate this month. But, which one of these people are you? The one that believes that gaining five pounds this month is the price you pay for enjoyment or the one that wants to start the new year on a good note, with no regrets?

In This Episode Heather Talks About:

  • the right way and the wrong way to set an intention this month
  • the one goal you could and should have in order to go into January with no regrets
  • how to feel great during and after the holidays

Download The Pound Zero Holiday Survival Guide!

THE indispensable guide for surviving the holidays with your sanity, and your weight, intact. Click HERE for the FREE guide.

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