Emotional Resilience and Life Transformation with Andrea Johnston

Andrea Johnson
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Transformational Leadership Coach Andrea Johnson shares her deeply personal story about a  life that begins with bulimia, struggles with obesity, complicated family dynamics, and pauses at a decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Andrea and I dive deep into what it was like to make that decision and the emotional resilience it takes to sustain weight loss after the surgery.

Andrea also offers us a new perspective on life through her philosophy of intentional optimism. We talk about the importance of knowing our core values and leveraging them to lead a fulfilling life. As she guides us through the tenets of intentional optimism, we discover how to create an environment of hope, positivity, and courage.

My conversation with Andrea isn’t just about overcoming personal battles; it’s about growing, evolving, and ultimately transforming your life.

Andrea is sharing a free gift on getting to the heart of your core values, click HERE

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