Episode 58: How to Be Fully In Charge of Your Body with Heather Fuselier

Heather Fuselier
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“We might not be in control of everything in our lives, but we can be in charge of our bodies”

If you are a woman in midlife you know that your body can feel very out of your control. Unintended weight gain, while just looking at food, can feel like we’ve gained ten pounds without even trying. It can be a very confusing time.

I spoke with the inspiring Heather Fusilier, a certified Health and Wellness coach, as well as a Mindful Eating coach, who shares her personal story about turning her early struggles with weight, stress, and body image into a transformative journey to wellness.

In This Episode Heather and I Talk About

  • What it means to infuse intentional work into how we think about our body image;
  • How mindful eating can be a weapon in your arsenal towards your journey of making peace with food, and your body;
  • What it means to have a life we live versus a life we aspire for.

Let’s celebrate the power of shared experiences and profound transformation with each other. Listen to Heather’s journey, soak in her wisdom, and get ready to be inspired on your path to wellness.

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