Yes, You Can Have Fun Without Alcohol

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Ever felt like alcohol might have a hold on you but you can’t imagine living life without it?

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take a break from drinking, the answer is usually not as simple as “just stop drinking.  I  had the pleasure of hosting Lily Weiss, an Alcohol Freedom Coach, who shared her personal struggle and triumph over alcohol. Lily opened up about the false beliefs she held about alcohol (that so many of us believe) – how she once thought drinking was a stress reliever and a life enhancer. As she walked us through her journey, she shattered the myth of willpower and shame when it comes to quitting and the concept of ‘moderate’ drinking.

Lily and I also shared truths about:

  • the science of getting hooked on alcohol and how it is not your fault,
  • how alcohol uniquely interacts with our reward centers and always keeps you wanting more,
  • the obvious, and not-so-obvious health issues that happen because of drinking,
  • the unique role of the dopamine rush that occurs even before the first drink,
  • and most importantly,  we explored how life doesn’t lose its joy without alcohol. In fact, it becomes more vibrant!

Social situations without alcohol can be daunting, but Lily shared some invaluable strategies to navigate these. From managing the fear of judgment to preparing for challenging circumstances, we’ve got you covered in this important episode.

Wrapping up the episode, Lily gave us a glimpse into her life-changing work as an alcohol freedom coach, offering a compassionate approach to clients worldwide. Forget the shame and judgment; it’s all about finding joy and freedom in an alcohol-free life. Tune in for this enlightening conversation.

How To Find Lily

You can learn about Lily’s coaching programs HERE

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