Changing Your Habits to Help Your Kids

Sheila Carroll
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You, of course, only want the best for your kids, especially regarding their health.

But what about their weight, how thin they are, or how shape they are in?

As parents, we all come with our own deep-seated beliefs around weight, fears of weight stigma, and then, how to go about losing weight or reversing food habits.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Pediatrician and Life Coach Sheila Carrol, MD on the podcast about how parents can support their children’s eating in ways that support health and wellbeing rather than focusing on numbers on the scale.

In This Episode, Sheila and I Discuss:

The difference between deferring to your pediatrician for nutrition and weight advice (they are severely limited) and leaning into a coach for help.

The steps to take towards making changes with your kids rather than enforcing rules;

Recognizing that making changes with your kids starts with you.

Where You Can Find Sheila

Sheila’s website and how to work with her, click HERE

Sheila’s Instagram, click HERE

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