Finding Your Joy and Purpose in Midlife

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Rediscover the joy of life’s second act alongside executive coach Reina Bach, whose expertise in leadership development and coaching shines through our discussion about overcoming the stereotypes of midlife.

As we peel back the layers of personal narratives that often lead to what some women might call a ‘midlife crisis’, Reina’s insights encourage us to reframe our internal dialogue and embrace the transformative potential this chapter of life holds.  As women navigate shifts in identity post-motherhood, this conversation illuminates the path to unlocking a world brimming with new purpose and joy.

Reina and I talk about trying to shift out of planning mode and into being mode. To simply find the joy in things you love, with no pressure of an outcome. Finding activities and hobbies for the pure joy of it.

This episode is an invitation to celebrate simple, inspired actions that draw us closer to our forgotten loves, all while teaching the virtue of patience in an age that often demands instant gratification.

Every small moment holds the potential for joy, and how through mindfulness and a heart-set approach, we can cultivate a state of joy that resonates deeply and durably in our lives. Reina helps people find themselves and to find true joy and purpose again.

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