Midlife, Menopause and Weight Gain

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There is one thing that every woman on this planet has in common: menopause.

Yet, menopause is wrapped up with so much fear, confusion, and mystique that it is time to get clear on what it means for you in midlife.

This is part 1 of my menopause series: How to Fearlessly Navigate Menopause!

In Todays Episode I Discuss

  • The lack of awareness and education around menopause that most physicians possess, including your own gynecologist;
  • What exactly menopause is, and what it is not;
  • Menopause’s ornery cousin, perimenopause, and why the time in perimenopause might matter even more than menopause;
  • Why women might gain weight during this time of transition.

Important Links That Were Talked About

The 34 Symptoms of Menopause gives details about each known symptom of peri- and menopause

The North American Menopause Society can help you find a doctor that specializes in menopause and hormones

Looking for Nutrition Coaching? Feel free to reach out to Heather to learn more.

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