Fix Your Sleep with Dr. Bijoy John

bijoy John
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Dr. Bijoy John, a sleep specialist, joins us for a thought-provoking session that might just be the key to unlocking the rest you’ve been yearning for. Through Dr. John’s expertise and personal narrative, we veer into the intricacies of sleep and its profound impact on our health, mood, and even our weight.

As someone who’s conquered insomnia, he knows firsthand that achieving the perfect slumber is an art that requires both understanding and patience.

This episode shines a spotlight on the unique sleep challenges faced by women, where hormones like estrogen play a leading role in the nightly dance of rest. From menstrual cycles to the trials of menopause, we examine how these hormonal tides can disrupt sleep and what a ‘sleep divorce’ could mean for your relationship. With Dr. John’s insights, we delve into the delicate balance of hormone therapy and explore how women can navigate these nocturnal disruptions. Whether you’re dealing with hormone-induced sleep woes or simply seeking to understand them, this conversation is rich with revelations.

We wrap up with Dr. John unpacking his “Sleep Now” strategy—a toolbox for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality. Learn why caffeine might be betraying your bedtime and how even a single lost hour of sleep can ripple through your health. Plus, discover the seven steps that Dr. John advocates for transforming troubled nights into peaceful escapades into dreamland. It’s an episode packed with practical tips and deep dives into how we can all reclaim the night and, as a result, seize the day.

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