How, and Why, to Start a Garden Wherever You Live

greg Peterson
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Greg Peterson, the owner of Urban Farm, talks to me about getting started in gardening, and the season is now! The simple act of growing your vegetables is not only a benefit to your nourishment, it’s a benefit to the environment and your health.

This episode will transform your view on the traditional food system and inspire you to start your horticultural adventure, regardless of space constraints. Greg shares his evolution from aquaculture enthusiast to a permaculture vanguard and talk openly about the joys of harvesting homegrown produce and the profound benefits of aligning with nature’s cycles.

Learn the essentials of organic gardening as we navigate from the simplicity of a potted basil plant to the complexities of soil health. Greg and I offer insights into improving garden beds with organic matter and the importance of using OMRI-certified products for an organic approach. We share practical tips for those of you eager to integrate gardening into your lives, demonstrating how it can contribute to both personal health and planetary well-being. Whether you’re in a bustling city or have acres to spare, there’s a green pathway waiting to be cultivated by your hands.

Lastly, we talk about innovative solutions for composting in any living space and why composting is a critical part of environmental health. Learn how kitchen scraps transform into garden gold, as we discuss worm bins, chicken-powered composting, and community programs. This episode is where enthusiasm for gardening meets actionable knowledge.

Greg Teaches Gardening 101 and Much More!
Find Greg HERE at the Urban Farm website

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