Episode 57: Conquering Eating Disorders in Midlife with Jen Hardy

Jen Hardy
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Do you ever feel like midlife equates to a war with your body and food?

Join me as I dive into this sensitive conversation with the remarkable Jen Hardy. She’s not just a podcaster, speaker, and mom of seven, but also a brave survivor of eating disorders, and body image issues. Jen reveals her journey towards self-love, acceptance, and how she managed to turn the tables on societal and familial pressures about weight.

In our candid chat, Jen brings to light her perspective on reshaping our relationship with our bodies and food. She shares her unique approach to help her daughters develop a positive body image, and how she discovered that she was not alone in her struggles. We also uncover how her life experiences, including pregnancy and raising children, have helped her regain control over her weight and her life.

In the midst of midlife, we also discuss the importance of focusing on the positives, and how shifting our perspective to self-love and acceptance can change our relationship with our bodies and food. Jen highlight the vital role of having someone in our lives who can guide us to love ourselves as we are. Because at the end of the day, self-love and acceptance are the keys to a peaceful life.

Listen in, and get ready to embark on your journey towards self-love and acceptance with us.

Find Jen on her website HERE
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