Master Your Mindset with Cristina Ramirez

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cristina Ramirez and hearing her very personal and vulnerable story of the intense grief over suddenly losing her husband to cancer and how that has unfolded into a mindset coaching practice. Cristina’s life’s work is to help you redefine what’s possible, gain the confidence you need, and take the actions to transform your life.  Be sure to tune into this enlightening conversation.

In This Episode, Cristina and I Talk About:

  • The power of shifting your mindset – how to do it, what it is, and how it leads to your best outcomes;
  • How to use mindset training when it comes to our health, weight, and diets;
  • The gift of discomfort and how it can help you move the needle in a profound way in your life;
  • How “nice and easy” might feel better at the moment, but doesn’t serve us in the long run;
  • A clear explanation of what a growth mindset is versus a fixed mindset.

Where You Can Find Cristina

Cristina’s coaching programs and website can be found HERE
Her book, Empowered by Discomfort, is HERE
Find Cristina on IG HERE

Read more “after the podcast” on losing weight with mindset HERE.

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