How to Achieve Pain Free Movement with Cari Vann

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Have you ever wondered how to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle, especially as you navigate through midlife and menopause? This week, I sat down with Carrie Vann, an exercise physiologist and movement mentor, to share her wisdom. With over 26 years of experience and a personal journey filled with lessons learned from pain and exercise, Carrie spoke openly about her complete Well Body method, specially formulated for women over 40.

Cari and I also talk about:

  • How to understand your body and tailor exercises to individual needs to insure injury prevention, overall health goals, and the importance of living a pain-free lifestyle;
  • The significance of rest and recovery as part of your exercise routine;
  • Other effective tools to handle pain such as fascia release, slowing down breathing, and releasing tension to maximize your recovery process.

How To Find Cari

Cari can be found on her website HERE

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