Navigating the Wild West of CBD

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Is the world of CBD as confusing to you as it is to so many?

Clearing Up CBD Confusion

Imagine the power of an alternative health treatment that can help with everything from epilepsy to inflammation. I sat down with Inesa Ponomariovaite, the woman behind the CBD company Nessa’s Hemp, who unfolded her personal journey into the CBD industry that began with her mother’s cancer diagnosis and evolved into a relentless pursuit of creating the purest CBD oil. I also discovered the difference between CBD and CBD-A, which is the product Inessa’s company stands behind.

Everybody possesses an endocannabinoid system in their bodies which works on the wellbeing of our whole systems. CBD-A oil is a cannabinoid that helps to strengthen this system.

The Truth About CBD Products

We navigated the wild west of the cannabis industry, unearthing the differences between hemp and cannabis plants, as well as the varying levels of THC.  Inesa spoke of some alarming truths about the lack of industry regulation and the pharmaceutical industry’s controversial patenting of CBD for epilepsy. She was candid about the stunningly high stakes and the challenge of working in an industry where the “God knows what” approach is all too common.

CBD-A has a variety of powerful health benefits that I explored in our conversation with Inesa. She shared insightful advice about finding the right dose, taking CBD consistently to engage the body’s cannabinoid system, and ensuring product quality. Inessa gave listeners a gateway to understanding the CBD industry, its challenges, and its potential as a natural health solution.

Inesa convinced me to start taking CBD-A oil and I will update you on my progress and results!

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