Unmasking Femtech: Revolutionizing Women’s Health with Bethany Corbin

Bethany Corbin
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The realm of women’s health is being revolutionized by femtech!

Join me in an eye-opening conversation with Bethany Corbin, a femtech attorney, as we uncover the digital health technology changing the landscape of women’s health. Bethany unravels the world of femtech, highlighting its evolution beyond just period tracking and reproductive health. We delve into the genesis of this innovative sector, shedding light on how it arose from the palpable gap in modern medicine where women’s health was often overlooked.

Bethany speaks on the complexities and challenges faced by women’s health. She emphasizes the relevance of privacy protections and regulations in empowering women and maintaining the industry’s integrity. Amidst our discussion, we also explore the exciting innovation of telehealth platforms, their role in women’s healthcare, and the growing concern over data privacy and security.

As femtech consumers, Bethany leaves us with an empowering mantra – to be vigilant and to take charge. She nudges us to research and meticulously vet various aspects of products and services we may encounter.

So, listen in as we unmask the world of femtech, leaving you equipped to make informed decisions about your health.


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