Your Body is Meant to Move with DK Ciccone

DK Ciccione
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Dana Karen Ciccone is the founder of Movement Remedies, a Boston-based pilates studio, and the author of the book You Were Meant to Move. In our interview, Dana Karen shares her beginnings of the intertwining of chronic pain with the complex world of dieting and body image, which is a narrative often left untold.

In an era where fitness journeys are synonymous with aesthetic transformations, we shift the spotlight to the bravery of beginning these journeys amidst pain. The discussion with DK sheds light on the psychological underpinnings of chronic pain and the controversial suggestion that the mindset of chronic dieting may aggravate it. This chapter of our dialogue underscores the profound need for a weight-neutral space that honors the essence of true health.

Concluding this episode, we unpack the psychological barricades that deter us from embracing movement when in pain, and how to dismantle them. DK empowers listeners to find activities that resonate with them deeply, fostering long-term health benefits.

Take a listen to this pivotal conversation about the intersection of dieting, body image, disordered eating, and chronic pain.

  • DK is offering listeners a FREE online Pilates mat class!
  • Donna Karen teaches pilates classes online, as well as in person. Her classes focus on chronic pain in a weight-neutral environment. Click HERE for more information and her website.
  • DK’s book You Were Meant to Move, click HERE
  • DK on IG click HERE
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