What In The World Am I Supposed To Eat Anyway?

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confusionIf you surf around the internet, or read the latest newspaper or monthly Oprah magazine, it becomes pretty clear that there is no consensus on what to eat.  The other day I saw an article about a new study on low carb diets versus low fat diets (and the winner is..!), another  article defending carbohydrates, the Paleo people, raw foodies, veganistas, on and on and on.

How are we supposed to know what to eat anymore?

I love this saying: confusion leads to indecision.  When we don’t know what to do, we inevitably fall back on what we know, or what we grew up with, even it is boring, bland or unhealthy.

Start here with these three tips that can propel you out of the land of food confusion.

Eat Simple, Plain and Naked.  Plain Greek yogurt versus strawberry sweetened yogurt, oatmeal versus a “healthy” granola bar.  Start at the beginning, and add in fruit, nuts, a touch of honey if you need it sweet.  You will be saving yourself loads of unnecessary calories and additives.

Crowd out cookies, candy, cake and bread.  The other day I had flipped to a doctor’s show on my car radio.  Half listening, my ears perked up when he said, “if you want to lose weight, no cookies, candy, cake and bread”.  This made good sense.  If you have to crowd out one food group from your diet, make it refined carbohydrates.  Sugary sweets, white bread, crackers, desserts – things that contribute nothing to your diet except calories and a drain on your energy. Hopefully this creates more space for  fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Do Not Get Fooled By The Evil Food Marketers. The big food companies want to sell you food and do not give a minutes thought on your health.  They’ll pretend, with slogans like “high in calcium” or “a good source of fiber” all while jacking up the sugar or food dyes.  Real food doesn’t need to scream at you and it doesn’t have to try hard to sell.

This is a great start to end the confusion.  Make a vow to eat simply, and eat well. You can’t lose with that philosophy.

If you want to dive in even further take a look at my upcoming workshop Recharge! 28 day Fall Cleanse (click HERE for all the details and to sign up).  



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