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spring radishes
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I totally get the pressure to “perform” this time of year.

The weather is getting warmer, spring catalogs are dropping in your mailbox, cute shorts and sundresses…

Take a deep breath. It’s all going to be okay. This has not been an easy two years and we need to be easy on ourselves. Beyond our normal stress with work, kids, money, parents, we can also point a finger at the unending stress of Covid and the war in the Ukraine for starters. All this leads to a lot of emotional eating and drinking, and a huge amount of food confusion.

What are we supposed to eat? How can I lose weight as fast as possible? Are these two questions looping around in your head right now?

I have a solution as to where to start. But if you’re used to starving, suffering and yo-yo’ing through another punishing diet, you can stop reading right now.

My answer is about enjoying food, introducing you to awareness around hunger and teaching you how to make healthy eating a daily habit.

All while loving every bite.

If you have been eating more sugar and drinking more wine than you thought, the Spring Reset will help you recalibrate. The Healthy Spring Reset for Busy Women is a beautifully curated set of recipes along with a weekly meal plan, and detailed shopping list. This meal plan gives you everything you need, including a BONUS action plan to execute the meal plan seamlessly! Enjoy a week of delicious, healthy and balanced meals that helps you transition into the spring season. Take the guesswork out of what to eat while opening up your creativity with simple easy recipes.

The Spring Reset makes food fun again! If you are used to the pressure of a detox or diet at this time of year, be kind and try something new. You will love the recipes and the simplicity of the plan. If you have lost your creativity this is a great place to start.

When you sign up for both weeks you also get a 30-minute coaching session with me as well as my beautiful Kitchen Setup Guide.

Vow to enjoy your spring and learn to love healthy food again. Click HERE to join and get instant access.

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