Mediterranean Salmon Bake

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I am a big fan of the one pot meal, especially during the busy holiday season, or on nights when I am teaching a workshop. Like my class the other night, for example. I made this Mediterranean Salmon Bake in advance and there was almost no instructions for the kids except “heat on 375 for 15 minutes”. It was that easy.


My one pot meals are not the tuna casseroles of the 70’s (come on, I know your mom was making tuna casserole with egg noodles and canned tuna. Were there canned peas in there too?). A good for you protein and as many vegetables as I can squeeze in are always at the heart of it.


This dish contains a couple of my favorite all time foods: salmon, kale, olives and tomatoes. All four are power foods in my book – filling, full of nutrients and/or great fats.  They also happen to make a winning flavor combination.


After a quick saute of the vegetables, it was time to lay the salmon right on top and let it bake that way.  If you are going to wait until later, let the vegetables cool in the baking dish, put the salmon on top and wrap .  Place in the refrigerator until ready.


This is a great recipe to make variations. Use chicken instead of salmon, spinach instead of kale, add minced anchovies if you wish, throw in different herbs.  All your choice. The point is to make it your own and, of course, enjoy. Click HERE for the recipe and start cooking!



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