Eating Under Holiday Duress

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Snow pathway in autumn birch forest

I don’t know a single person who is immune from holiday stress.

About a month ago I wrote about starting the holidays with a healthy bang (see Turkey Tips and Secrets if you didn’t get to it) so you would be armed with a few thoughtful words of wisdom to take with you to parties and holidays. A sort of angel on your shoulder.

I imagine by now that the feelings of not getting everything done in time is starting to weight heavy on you (personally, I have learned to adopt the point and click method to shopping. I have yet to enter a store to buy a present. Round of applause please!).

Or, you are feeling the loss of a close family member or friend right about now. I know how that one feels. Holidays seems to magnify the feelings of loss ten fold.

Through all this, we are starting to get assaulted with cookies, chocolates, a ridiculous amount of heavy party appetizers and too much alcohol. It can all make the stress feel a bit better.

Until we are left with the aftermath: an extra 5-10 pounds in January. Believe me, I’ve been there. Eating as a way to sooth myself was always a trick I had up my sleeve.

My father’s passing on New Year’s Day when I was a teenager made it an especially convenient fallback. Sugar became my best friend back then and was conveniently available all through the month of December. Well, really through the whole year, but December? Look out!

It took me years to figure out that the food and the sugar would never make the pain of loss, the exhaustion or stress go away.  It only made me feel worse come January. The regret, the feelings of low self esteem and questioning my willpower always marched forth right around then.

It takes insight, awareness, skill building and a dose of dedication to make different choices, especially when those choices are deeply rooted in our emotional well being. We are wired to want to be happy. When food and sugar start to become staunch allies in our happiness, we have crossed the wires.

If you  need help come January, let’s talk. I am offering a new program called Reset: 12 Weeks To Less Weight, Better Health and More Joy. We begin January 21st online. Click HERE for all the details. Hope to see you there!



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