How To Reset and Get Back on Track

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Just when you’re settling into the season of the moment, that transition happens.

You know what I’m talking about. Days get shorter, energy starts to wane a bit, and you start to feel like it’s time to make a change.

This is what I love about the seasons, especially where I live in the Northeast. The seasonal transition. Lighter foods in spring, warmer, slower cooked foods in the fall.

But for so many, this transition is not easy to slide into the next season. You may be feeling like one too many cocktails, celebrations, and trips to the ice cream store (summer) or holiday bubbly (winter) has left you feeling stunned.

You blew it and you’re desperate.

Let me reassure you that, yes, you can get back on track. And yes, you can reset your eating and even drinking. Let’s dig in.

How Not to Reset When You Feel Like You Blew It

First, let’s talk about what not to do when you feel like you’ve ridden out your summer high on fruity cocktails, one too many trips to the ice cream store with the kids, and a carefree attitude.

Do Not Go on a Detox Diet

Please. You may be tempted and you may feel desperate. But don’t fall for whatever the “gurus” are serving up right now. Detoxing is a diet myth and will only make you feel worse. You may lose weight, but you’ll likely gain it back (according to many studies and statistics). And you will be miserable doing it. Starving yourself is not for the weak at heart and does nothing to teach you how to really eat.

Quiet Your Inner Critic

Have you ever considered that you are doing your best with the tools you have, right now? You’re human, you get tempted by desserts and wine and all the other “mistakes” you think you have made. The good news is that there is always a chance to start over, learn different ways to form healthy habits and realize the potential that you have to be your healthiest and most energetic. Talk kindly to that inner voice that wants to beat you up, give her a seat in the corner and get on with the changes you want to make.

How to Easily Change Your Food and Eating

There are things to do that are totally in our control. Let’s take a look at some things you can do today to start making changes in your eating and food habits.

Look Foward to the Change in Seasons

I’ll admit, I am writing this in the middle of Indian Summer, that time in between Summer and Fall when you can look forward to apples, butternut squash, and slow-cooked foods, but still dabble with the heat. Fall feels like a slow nudge to get back to work, feel a little more organized, catch up on rest and cook a little more. I’m growing weary of cold salads, tomatoes, and eggplant and ready to make soups and stews. It feels nurturing and comforting.

Find Balance on Your Plate

Take a break from the all-day snacking and eating what looks good at the moment. Reset your plate by revisiting the concept of balance. Be mindful of filling your plate with a large number of seasonal vegetables and fruits, a lesser amount of whole grain, really high-quality protein, and a drizzle of healthy fats. Give your body a break in between meals to reset your insulin and blood sugar. Eat an earlier dinner and rest afterward. Your body will feel better by being in more harmony with the seasons.

Take a Wine Break

It’s no secret now that alcohol there are many good reasons to drop the wine habit. I understand, everyone seems to be doing it. We celebrate, gather, and bond over a cocktail. However, here are some good reasons to consider taking a break for a bit, or maybe forever, especially if you want to get back on track with your health and energy.

Drinking alcohol means:

  • you increase your anxiety
  • your sleep gets disrupted
  • you lose your inhibitions and your resistance to snacking
  • increases your hunger
  • lowers your immune system and ability to fight off infections

Join the Healthy Midlife Fall Reset

It’s hard to make changes without support. Consider joining one of my seasonal Resets to help you transition with the seasons. And the Reset is easy to implement, especially if you are looking for inspiration and motivation. For two weeks you get done for you meal plans, complete with beautifully curated recipes (with pictures!), a detailed shopping list, and a priceless action plan for pulling off every single day with ease. This is NOT a diet, but rather a healthy, delicious way to eat the right way, in tune with exactly what we women in midlife need.

Interested? Click HERE for all the information and to join the Reset!




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