5 Truly Credible Websites That Will End Your Food Confusion

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The internet is a bit like the wild wild west these days. No regulation, no one telling them right from wrong and the freedom to post pretty much whatever we feel like speaking our mind on. I appreciate freedom of speech as much as the next person and in no way want to stomp on anyone’s rights.

However, I get increasingly frustrated with fake nutrition news.

Fear sells. So do false promises. Everyone’s doing it – from celebrities to specialists with MD’s after their names. Both have influence and a draw. It’s hard to dispute a medical doctor as much as it is hard to doubt a rich, beautiful celebrity like Gwyneth Paltrow.

They are both in the business of making money. And sensational stories sell.

If you haven’t heard the scary buzz yet over the new book The Plant Paradox, or the plethora of supplement endorsements by celebrities, don’t waste your time. Instead, here are five very credible websites to help you get past food confusion.

nutritionfacts.org Michael Greger is a medical doctor who has devoted his free time to creating easy to understand, well researched videos on a large variety of topics, including the science behind plant based diets and sugar. These are quick snippets of information that  are easily explained and make sense to the average consumer.

American Council on Science and Health I like facts and true scientific evidence to back up my reasons for eating, or not eating something. The ACSH does too, and spends time disputing a lot of quackery on the internet while showing you the latest research.

foodpolitics.com I might be biased since Marion Nestle was the chairman of the NYU department of nutrition when I was a student there. But I do like that she is on top of the latest research both from a political stance to simple well researched information.

americannutritionassociation.org More science backed research on how and why to eat. Easy to read

Harvard’s Nutrition Source Very user friendly source of information aiming to debunk junk science and give credible research on what to eat.

Now, I want to hear from you. We are all on the internet, where do you get your nutrition information from? Let me know in the comments below.

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