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Micronutrients: More is Not Better


It might surprise you to learn that one of the secrets to good health lies in the tiny but mighty micronutrients—vitamins and minerals—that we often overlook or don’t take the time to think about when we are making everyday food choices. Join me as I unpack the essential roles of …

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The Crazy Fads of Fat

oils and fats

Just like carbs and protein, there have been plenty of crazy fads when it comes to fats. In this episode I talk I highlight the latest and greatest debate – seed oils. Are they harmful for you? Should we continue to use them, and has social media simply hijacked another …

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Why Fats Matter: Separating Fats from Fiction


What if everything you thought you knew about fats was wrong? Get ready to rethink your dietary habits as we unravel the myths surrounding dietary fats and reveal the truth behind the fat-free craze of the 1980s. Discover how the move to eliminate fats led to an unexpected rise in …

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Do Carbs Really Have a Dark Side?

bad carbs

Ever found yourself questioning the true impact of carbohydrates on your health, or weight gain? Do you blame carbs and feel that you are addicted to them? In this episode I help to debunk some of the biggest myths around carbs, the questions that I get asked the most from …

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Here’s What to Love About Carbs


Ever feel like carbohydrates are the dietary villain you just can’t escape? Let me shatter the myths and shine a light on the truth about these vital nutrients in our latest Real Food Stories podcast episode. As we dissect the world of carbs, you’ll come away understanding their crucial role …

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